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Brookhaven College employee newsletter: Monday, Aug. 20, 2012

New Emergency Alert System

New Emergency Alert System

In case of emergency, the DCCCD has added your email address to a system that will send you a message. DCCCD Emergency Alerts is an email, text-message and phone system that alerts employees and students of evacuations or closures because of weather closures, utility outages, police or other types of emergencies.

The colleges have had an alert system for a number of years, but the Skytel system had difficulties keeping up with the volume of messages to be sent. There were times when some people were receiving messages hours after they were originally sent. The new system, Blackboard Connect, promises to handle emergency messages more efficiently, relaying important information much more quickly.

A key feature of the new system is that it is an “opt out” instead of an “opt in.” This means that all students and employees are automatically registered to receive messages. At present, just email addresses are included, but you can go to eConnect and add your cell phone number for calls or text messages.

It's easy to update your emergency alerts email address, or to request that in addition to email, you also be alerted by phone call or text message or both. Find out more about what emergency alerts look like.

You Can Opt Out
If you don't want to receive emergency alerts, you can opt out of the system. You simply go to the DCCCD Emergency Alerts page on eConnect.