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Brookhaven College employee newsletter: Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Return Week Recap

In case you missed it (or enjoyed it so much you want to relive it), here’s a quick overview of the major return week events. Welcome back!


Dr. Thom Chesney and Steve Jobs have one thing in common: their love for black turtlenecks. The college president channeled the late technology genius for the tech-themed Convocation Aug. 23.

The semester kick-off event included Dr. Chesney donning the notorious get-up, text-message humor and a high quality video and PowerPoint presentation. Employees were brought up to speed on budget and SACS matters, priorities for the coming year and initiatives such as the QEP.

The well-oiled show was directed by Darise Error, drama professor.

Mini Convocation, the similar event for Bldg. S Professional Support Staff, was Aug. 31.

Grilling for Greenbacks

Nothing brings coworkers together quite like a barbeque – especially one that supports a great cause.

The annual Grilling for Greenbacks luncheon was a huge success, raising nearly $700 for the Employee Emergency Fund, according to Brian Borski, director of Student Life and coordinator of the event.

Grills ran on full steam as volunteers prepared and served 115 hamburgers, 35 chicken sandwiches, 30 hot links, 15 hot dogs and 15 veggie burgers for a grand total of 210 meals. Administrators manned the grills, serving lines and delivery cars.

Thanks to all who volunteered and came out for a great meal!

Adjunct Colloquium

Early on a Saturday morning, more than 220 adjunct faculty members gathered at the Brookhaven College Geotechnology Institute for the Adjunct Colloquium.

This year was the first time the event was not on the Thursday evening after the college’s Convocation. The new time slot allowed for longer presentations and more of what adjunct professors said they wanted: professional development.

Delryn Fleming, English professor, discussed critical thinking, one of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board’s core objectives. Three different professors showed the audience how they integrate critical thinking into their courses.

Claire Bambrough, chemistry professor, showed how critical thinking could be built into the curriculum of a science course. Jim Dudlo, history professor, walked the audience through one of his class presentations about current events as a contrast or complement to historical events. Adrien Cuellar-McGuire, humanities professor, revealed how she is able to measure critical thinking in her online classes.