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Brookhaven College employee newsletter: Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Students Explore Web-Based Career and Education Planning

Students Explore Web-Based Career and Education Planning

It can be easy to make the decision to attend college at some point in your life, though choosing a career path can be more difficult. Students can be unsure of their intentions and find themselves asking, "What do I want to study?" and "What kind of job do I want when I graduate?".

Many times, students choose a career only to find out later that it didn’t live up to their expectations or lost their interest completely. However, Brookhaven College students now have the great opportunity and available technology to utilize a new Web-based career guidance and education planning system.

The system, known as SIGI3, helps students explore career options and create a personalized educational and career plan that’s right for them.

“SIGI3 helps students identify what’s important to them in a job,” says Annette Wilson, career services director. “Is making money most important? Or job security? How important is personal fulfillment or being in management?”

SIGI3 also shows students which occupations are best suited to their majors.

“SIGI3 provides current, reliable, in-depth information on hundreds of occupations,” Annette said. “Students can see what jobs are in demand, what skills employers want and how to prepare. They can set goals and plan next steps.”

Students are asked to schedule appointments in the Career Development Center in Bldg. S, Room S065 for the SIGI3 evaluation. For more information about SIGI3, visit the program's website.