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Brookhaven College employee newsletter: Wednesday, September 19, 2012

This is Who We Are: New Graduates

This is Who We Are: Graduates

Willadean “Deanie” Martin, newly named Director of Business Operations

To set right a case of “do what I say, not what I do,” Deanie Martin decided that if she was going to make her son finish his degree, she needed to do the same. Her son had graduated from high school in 2006, so they both got to work on their bachelor’s degrees soon after. Deanie chose Texas Woman’s University to first complete her bachelor’s degree.

In December 2011, Deanie completed her Master of Business Administration from TWU. She wanted to have the opportunity for promotion and knew that there were education requirements she needed to meet if she wanted to reach her goal of becoming a Director of Business Operations.

For Deanie, the hardest part of going back to school was sacrificing Saturdays because her program of study required all-day sessions. She also had to cut back on her crocheting.

Most of her classes required group work, and Deanie says the experience gave her a greater appreciation for those who work in groups and come out with a finished product. While she says she is using a number of things she learned in her work each day, the most valuable thing Deanie says she gained was the knowledge to listen to others, demonstrate that she has heard and respond with equal weight to the concern.

When you take into account all the tuition paid out to earn a degree, the stipend the district offers to recent graduates may not be much, but Deanie said she paid a few bills and used some of the money for a Florida vacation.

This is Who We Are: Graduates

Bella Sepehri, librarian

Not all employees take classes to help them in their current career. Bella Sepehri, librarian, just completed a course of study for her next career.

Bella has been working at the college as a librarian for nearly 20 years and is looking toward an early retirement. What will she do when she retires? Why, find a new job, of course.

Bella has completed the certification programs in Workforce and Continuing Education for phlebotomy and medical records, coding and claims. She now has a good foundation for a second career in health care.