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Brookhaven College employee newsletter: Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Galleries Buzz with College Talent

Galleries Buzz with College Talent

Time is running out on Fall 2012, but there are still a few ways to enjoy the semester toils of students and faculty. Don't miss these exhibits!

Taking over the walls of the Library's first, second and third floors is the Brookhaven Student Photography Fall 2012 Exhibition, which runs through Dec. 13 (stop by today!). The exhibit features photography and photojournalism students' Polaroid and pinhole camera prints and more than 75 matted photographic prints, according to Daniel Rodrigue, journalism professor.

Also showing is "Seconds In Short Radius," an exhibition of photography by student Elicia Christofferson. Using a single-shot camera, Elicia captured unique black and white images of the college scenery. The exhibition is on the first floor of the Library and is available through Jan. 29.

Not to forget our talented colleagues, Lauri Collins, Visual Communications professor, is showing "Over Under Around and Through: Photos, Prints and Books," an exhibition of her original works. The gallery of impressive art will be in the Atrium Gallery in Building B through Jan. 25.