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Courtyard Chatter

Brookhaven College employee newsletter: Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Student Value Series: Mathematics and Science Division

Through creativity, hard work and after-hour mentoring, the Mathematics and Science Division takes its course material to a whole new level.  Read More »

Employees Recognized at Emerald and Adjunct Faculty Awards

Employees Recognized at Emerald and Adjunct Faculty Awards

Each January the college takes a few moments to celebrate more than the New Year and coming spring; we celebrate each other.  Read More »

Stadthagan Completes Bachelor's

Some professionals pursue a degree for a promotion, others a job change. For Alex Stadthagan, EMS program director, his reason was a little more cut and dry.  Read More »

Have You Registered Yet?

Learn new skills, make a difference and enjoy the fellowship of coworkers. The annual district Employee Development Day and Day of Service are next week.  Read More »

BCGI Prepares for Earth Science Fair

Would you like to hold a cloud in your hand? Visitors at the Earth Science Fair at the Brookhaven Geotechnology Institute Feb. 23-24 will have that opportunity.  Read More »

Soccer Student Receives National Recognition

Marbel Santana's 5-foot-1-inch frame may not give passersby the impression she’s a rough n’ tough soccer player, but looks can be deceiving.  Read More »

Cross Training Provides Value to Students, Employees

The Business Office utilizes cross training to provide superior service and enhance its employees' experiences.  Read More »

Guided Discussions Added to Schedule for "8"

In addition to the play, the Theater Department is now offering a guided discussion after each performance to give the audience an opportunity to share their thoughts and experiences.  Read More »

Florentin, Youngblood Exhibitions Open for February

The Brookhaven College School of the Arts presents exhibitions by Bryan Florentin in the Forum Gallery and Judy Youngblood in the Studio Gallery from Feb. 11-March 6.  Read More »

Campus Quick Hits

Semester events are in full swing! Here's a few you may have missed.  Read More »

Book Recommendations

Find out which books made February's employee recommendations list.  Read More »

Question of the Month

How many unread emails are currently in your @dcccd INBOX?  Read More »

March Events

Be in the know! Read up on next month's events.  Read More »

Minute by Minute

Read up on the most recently posted meeting minutes.  Read More »