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Brookhaven College employee newsletter: Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cross Training Provides Value to Students, Employees

Cross Training Provides Value to Students, Employees

By Carole Sakach, administrative assistant, Business Office

The Brookhaven College Business Office continues the momentum of cross-training to provide superior service and enhance our team's experiences.

Deanie Martin, director, encourages overlap learning; when employees are absent for any reason, even for lunch breaks, there is little interruption of service. Deanie recognizes the value attached to managing a flexible work group, the importance of a change in routine to increase employee morale and a heightened understanding of co-workers' responsibilities to fortify a supportive atmosphere. Cross-training benefits the Business Office, the college and the district.

"Instead of focusing on just the details of your own particular job, you become aware of why your job is needed and how it fits into the needs of the campus and the district," said Dawn Wagle, manager. "Not only does this insight motivate the individual but inspires appreciation for what others do."

To illustrate how cross-training provides continued service, a purchasing employee recently stepped into a cashiers' role, allowing another cashier window to open during peak Spring registration hours. Through cross-training, employees increase their value to the department, add variety to their schedule and return to their primary responsibilities with more motivation.

Another cross-training instance involved a vacancy created by a maternity leave. The key position was filled by co-workers who learned new skills, increased their level of responsibility and kept the department running smoothly.

Cross-training helps each employee in the Business Office become aware of what each job entails and discover their own hidden talents. Office employees have learned to work together more effectively and will be able to respond when coverage is needed. Seeing each position through a new set of eyes has generated an endless source of ideas for change or improvement. Business Office cross-training offers an opportunity to give each other practical suggestions that make our department function at its best.