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Brookhaven College employee newsletter: Wednesday, March 13, 2013

April Birthdays

If you have a April birthday and are not included in the list below, your employee information in Colleague is marked for privacy. If you would like your name mentioned in the birthday list, please contact Human Resources to change the status of your Colleague information.

April 1 Priscilla Mowinkel, Jose Garcia
April 2 Jason Surmiller
April 3 Janice Groeneman
April 4 Gloria Kirven, Brenda Dalton
April 7 Rick Tuman, Crystal Gazda
April 8 Sherry Lowery
April 9 Anna Ewert-Pittman, Annette Wilson, Howard Ross
April 11 Stephen Jacobs, Lorren Montou
April 13 Andrea Dings
April 16 Emily Stull
April 18 Mary Quirarte, Susan Gordon, Shelley Padilla, Doris Rousey
April 19 Timothy Dougherty
April 21 Cindy Horstman
April 22 David Newman
April 23 Elizabeth Bentley, James Cole
April 25 Lauren Hill
April 27 Patricia Dodd
April 28 Margaret Riley, Sunny Harris, Anne Darrouzet
April 29 Bonnie Riddle