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Brookhaven College employee newsletter: Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Question of the Month

Question of the Month

Which book is pictured in the Chatter's monthly Book Recommendations feature?

ANSWER: "The Hunger Games" (specifically, book two: "Catching Fire")

Congratulations, Carole Sakach, winner of the $25 gift card to the campus Bookstore!

Below are the answers received, in the order received. See how close you were to first place!

1. Carole Sakach, "Hunger Games"
2. Manny Estrella, "Hunger Games?"
3. Amber Howell, "Hunger Games"
4. Anna Masters, "Is the book Les Miserables?"
5. Andrew Deibert, "Was it the CareBears Storybook Treasury?"
6. Sam Govea, "The Hunger Games. More specially, Catching Fire."
7. Dorell Tolbert, "The Hunger Games"
8. Rebecca Cedillo, "Catching Fire, Hunger Games"
9. Thara Anne Joseph, "Hunger Games (Author: Suzzane Collins)"
10. Jean Kaplan, "Is it -- The Hunger Games trilogy -- book 2 -- Catching Fire?"
11. JohnPaul Tow, "The Hunger Games"
12. Kathleen Long, "The Hunger Games"
13. Annette Wilson, "I am sure you already have a winner but I'd guess Hunger Games."
14. Beverly Neu Menassa, "The Hunger Games."
15. Vernon Hawkins, "Is it "The Hunger Games"?"
16. Lois Wagenseil, "Hunger Games"
17. Ann Coder, "Sounds like Hunger Games."
18. Erum Shaika, "Just a guess - 1984 by George Orwell?"
19. Dennis Maddox, "The Hunger Games"
20. Jim Dudlo, "The book pictured is The Hunger Games or at least according to a quick google search of your clue."
21. Grace Huang, "Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins from the Hunger Game Series"
22. Thom Chesney, "Although your query made me hungry to participate, I don't think I'm allowed to play this game. :-)"
23. Mary Schoals, "HUNGER GAMES"
24. Josué Hernández, "If I had to guess, I'd say the Hunger Games."
25. Brian Roffino, "The picture actually depicts pages 182 and 183 of the fact-paced Catching Fire by Susan Collins in which there is an exciting confrontation that had been building for several chapters. Good reading for all who like page-turners."
26. Vivian Shipley, "Hunger Games not sure if you want this more specific as to which one of the trilogy or not."
27. Cristie Adams, "The Hunger Games"
28. Amy Dillavou, "The Hunger Games (one of three in the trilogy)"
29. Stephanie Venza, "Is the book Hunger Games?"
30. Jerry Bartz, "Hunger Games"
31. Delryn Fleming, "I'll guess The Hunger Games."