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Brookhaven College employee newsletter: Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Student Value Series: Social Science Division

Student Value Series: Social Science Division

Article by Mary Schoals, student and department assistant I, Marketing and Public Information Office

Experience, experience and experience are the key elements of student success in the Social Science Division.

From the Psychology Department, Michael Garza offers students not only his own expertise, garnered from 25 years in the field, but also the combined experiences of other professionals. The professor treats students to guest lectures by esteemed psychologists Don Radon and Dr. Williams Lary and even encourages students to attend special lectures by other departments, backed by offering extra credit for his psychology classes.

Willing to help any struggling student, Michael organizes support groups around campus for students and staff and is a champion of Special Services and the Counseling Center in Building S. Michael’s unique teaching style, as well as his individualized dedication to his classes, which range in size from 50-80 students, brings high student success rates.

Adding value to her anthropology courses, Violet Sparks is famous for taking students to an on-campus dig site and displaying the findings at the Social Science office, as well as directing the Study Abroad program where Violet leads tours of Egypt, and soon Peru.

Apart from fueling as many educational trips as possible for her archaeology students, Violet takes the lead in recruitment and marketing for the Anthropology Department. Her colleagues in the Social Science Division commend her for going above and beyond in the planning of possible benefits and improvements and on the dedication that surpasses her part-time engagement.

The Institute for Political Science, IPS, offers student networking and community engagement opportunities, and provides riveting panel discussions and distinguished speaker events. Ahad Hayaud-Din, Mark Skorick and Robert Little, all full-time government professors, established IPS as a way for the community to openly engage in political science. Highlights of past IPS events include a panel with Metrocrest mayors, the Phi Theta Kappa-funded speech contest and several presenters from local universities.

Ahad, Mark and Robert work with Brookhaven College’s Student Government Association, SGA, in not only recruitment for the association, but also in collaboration with events. The involvement of IPS increases the number of members in SGA, and SGA increases the participation of students at political science events, according to Tonychris Nnaka, SGA president.

In their respective classes, Ahad, Mark and Robert bring their personal connections with Southern Methodist University and University of North Texas to their aspiring students. They also advocate volunteerism through service-learning. Students praise the three full-time faculty members, deeming their classes well-organized, informative and helpful in advancing students’ careers. Molly Vaughan, student, recently received a scholarship from the Dallas World Affairs council, thanks to the inspiration provided by the gentlemen behind IPS.

Many students find the courage to attend Farmers Branch city meetings and participate in civil engagement locally after being encouraged by one of the IPS pioneers.

Several individuals in the Social Science Division wish to highlight the efforts of their fellow employees who are essential in the success of their programs:

A huge thanks to Sam Govea, executive dean, and all the employees in the Social Science Division for their time and patience! Next month’s issue will highlight the Automotive and Visual Communications departments. If you know anyone in your department adding value to the student experience, please email Mary Catherine Schoals in the Marketing and Public Information Office.