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Brookhaven College employee newsletter: Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Students Impress at District-Level Literary Competition

Students Impress at District-Level Literary Competition

The second round of the 2013 Student Literary Competition has just wrapped up, and — no surprise — a few of our students have been recognized as winners!

Two Brookhaven College students earned first place in the fiction and poetry categories, and another student earned third in fiction. Other winners hailed from Eastfield, Mountain View and Richland colleges.

The Student Literary Competition is a national competition made possible by the League for Innovation. The competition allows community college students around the country to submit creative writing pieces to their schools within the categories of essay, poetry, fiction and one-act play. The Dallas County Community College District is one of 19 community colleges and districts around the country invited to participate annually.

Here are our district-level winners!


First place – The Blueprint by Joseph Rowe (Brookhaven College)
Second place – “The Doll Beneath the Dome” by Doris Brogan (Richland College)
Third place – Collector’s Syndrome by DeiArecia Washington (Brookhaven College/Mountain View College)


First place – “Satellites” by Paulina Lopez (Brookhaven College)
Second place – “Clues” by Doris Brogan (Richland College)
Third place – “Echoes” by Ginny Morris (Eastfield College)

One-Act Play

First place – “Mail for Alex Quigley” by William H. Davis, Jr. (Eastfield College)


First place – “The Tour” by Doris Brogan (Richland College)
Second place – “A Note on Foolishness and Terror” by William H. Davis, Jr. (Eastfield College)
Third place – “The Reluctant Warrior” by Patrick Hughes (Mountain View College)

The first-place winners in each category will move on to the national competition hosted by De Anza College in Cupertino, Calif. Monetary prizes of $500, $200 and $100 are then awarded to first, second and third place winners, respectively. All national-level entries will receive a Certificate of National Merit as well as have their entries published in the League's Student Literary Competition publication, produced by the current host college.

Congratulations to Joseph, DeiArecia and Paulina, and let’s cheer them on as they continue to round three — good luck!


About the Brookhaven winners:

Joe Rowe

Joe currently holds an MBA and is pursuing a second career as a writer through the district’s senior waiver initiative. This fall he plans to enroll in the Master of Arts program in Arts and Technology at University of Texas at Dallas and eventually transition into teaching at the college level.

Joe’s entry, “The Blueprint,” is about a man’s struggle with grief over the loss of his own son, inspired by the real-life situation of his uncle and cousin. Although Joe previously has had work published, this is his first time receiving an award for writing.

Paulina Lopez

Paulina is a continuing education student. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in studio art, she came to Brookhaven College to complete the prerequisite courses she needed to apply for a master’s degree in education. She currently works as a pre-k teacher in a public elementary school for Dallas Independent School District.

Paulina describes her piece, “Satellites,” as being about “juxtaposing the extremely small with the absurdly large and realizing that sometimes, inexplicably, the smallest things can hold the largest, most complex things within them.” The inspiration of this piece came from her students, among other things.

This summer, Paulina will be entering into Southern Methodist University’s Masters of Education program. Beyond that she has no concrete plans but is open to pursuing other interests.

DeiArecia Washington

DeiArecia is a sophomore majoring in English with a concentration in creative writing. Although she is technically a Mountain View College student, she studies creative writing with Aaron Clark, Communications Division faculty, and we claim her anyway!

Her entry, “Collector’s Syndrome,” is about two young friends, Joey and Leo, who share collecting as a hobby but have very different views about it. DeiArecia, herself, enjoys collecting toys, games, international currency and stamps. The inspiration from her story “came from the idea that collecting can turn into an obsession and take over one’s life,” she said.

DeiArecia plans to attend University of Texas at Arlington and pursue a bachelor’s degree. Although she is unsure of a career path at this time, she wants to write books but is also giving teaching a thought.