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Brookhaven College employee newsletter: Wednesday, July 10, 2013

PAWS Adds New Step for New Students

PAWS Adds New Step for New Students

There aren’t many students who find the path through the policies for admission, registration and assessment easy. New regulations from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board have added a step to the process, and more changes are coming after Aug. 26.

Pre-Assessment Work Sessions, or PAWS, as we are calling the program here at Brookhaven College, helps students prepare for the Accuplacer assessment, a test that helps place students in classes that meet their academic needs.

How a student scores can determine whether or not they have a series of developmental classes ahead of them or get to start with college-level classes. We know that a long journey through developmental courses can often be a stumbling block to student success, so the pre-assessment is supposed to help students take the assessment with the best chance of success.

Edeleu Florendo is the lead academic advisor in organizing the PAWS for new students. The program focuses on giving tips to students for general test-taking and stressing the importance of the assessment as the academic starting point. Practice assessment questions are also provided to students to help them prepare for the assessment.

Taking the preparation process one step further, the Math Lab also has added guided practice sessions to help students refresh their math skills before taking the test.

In August, the Accuplacer will be changing, and where it takes students with differing scores will be changing as well. Who will be required to take the test, what the required scores will be, which classes students will move into and much more will be changed when the new rules go into effect, so keep an eye out for these changes as well.