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Brookhaven College employee newsletter: Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Power of Placement

Power of Placement

by Carole Sakach, administrative assistant, Business Office

Brookhaven College demonstrated the far-reaching positive effects of collaboration and fostering student success this week. The Business Office’s Deanie Martin and Admissions Office’s Thoa Vo, along with the blessing of Continuing Education’s Vernon Hawkins and Financial Aid’s John Wells, joined forces to create a more inviting, organized and customer-friendly atmosphere in the Building S Lobby.

Deanie recognized that our lobby is the first impression that sets the tone for students’ relationship with Brookhaven College and how we are viewed, and a supportive attitude can be established through the design and layout of the waiting area. The challenge was to recreate this transitory space into a demonstration of support and responsiveness, a comfortable space that inspires confidence in our enrollment process and where visitors would like to stay and also to redirect traffic. A few well-placed chairs, tables, sofas and stanchions arranged into organized lines and surrounded by seating areas, along with several tables and chairs, achieved a more tranquil and logical waiting area. The lobby was transformed into an appealing impact that expresses support and friendliness to both visitors and employees.

We all know that collaborative learning and work are the hallmarks of a school culture; the creative work done by the team Deanie inspired should be recognized. They formed a group to solve a real work issue and recognized that decisions and actions are better done cooperatively, and the result is an improvement to our registration process. The thinking, planning and execution of these caring and concerned employees will help provide satisfying and rewarding experiences, and the outcome is a wonderful demonstration of the power of placement.