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Brookhaven College employee newsletter: Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Student Value Series: Physical Education, Athletics and Nutrition Division

Student Value Series: Physical Education, Athletics and Nutrition Division

The Physical Education, Athletics and Nutrition Division works hard to offer a wide variety of classes, and through their hard work, they provide top-notch curriculum options. From archery and tennis, to Tai Chi and yoga, the division and its faculty give students plenty of options to fulfill students' curiosities and Core Curriculum requirements.

With a strong educational foundation, the division also provides students with the discipline, commraderie and fun of organized team sports.

Kevin Hurst, men's basketball coach, Jason Hopkins, women's volleyball coach, and Brandon Raines, men's baseball coach, all ensure the success of their players from day one. All three coaches are known for their dedication to their current (and future) students. Spending weeks on the road, the coaches attend several games a month, recruit, hold campus visits and meet with parents. After successful recruitment, Kevin, Lynne Levesque, and Brandon follow up by taping games, sending prospect letters to schools, and scoring transfer scholarships to universities.

With his team members, Kevin demands no less than excellence. From making the students sign in every morning before class and holding study halls, to hosting community service trips with his team, Kevin instills a sense of responsibility and duty to the community in his players.

Jason Hopkins and Brandon Rains, as described by interim division chair Lynne Levesque, are true to their trades. In addition to organizing the annual “Dig Pink” volleyball match, which supports breast cancer awareness through donations and team spirit, Jason trains outside the college for junior Olympics and made it to the national tournament this year. Brandon, when not training Brookhaven College’s baseball team, is running his North American Prospects recruiting camps, where he started working with high school students interested in baseball, and has now successfully expanded to cover basketball, softball and soccer. The coaches' great personalities, dedication to the community, and “inside and out” knowledge of their sports are what brings students back every semester.

For all these reasons and more, the Physical Education, Athletics and Nutrition Division exemplifies that sports at Brookhaven College are more than just a game.

Several individuals in the Physical Education, Athletics and Nutrition Division wish to highlight the efforts of their fellow employees who are essential in the success of their programs:

-Lynne Levesque would like to draw attention to Ellen Solomon and her hard-working, determined methods, keeping everything running in the office, and being the smiling face of the front desk.

-Marie Maness, Caroline Rogan and Catherine Martinez are noted by Lynne Levesque for having no trouble filling up their nutrition classes, as well as the determination that takes. Lynne would also like to thank Greg Hernandez for his energy, expertise and commitment to students.

-For being excellent at what he does, and for bringing his off-campus connections to his classes, Lynne Levesque highlights Andy McDonald.

-Lynne Levesque would like to thank Jason Hopkins, Brandon Rains, and Kevin Hurst for their hard work that has brought much success to the Brookhaven Bears.

-Kevin Hurst would like to highlight the efforts of Jason Hopkins, Brandon Rains, and Lynne Levesque for their dedication to student success and recruitment for the Physical Education, Athletic and Nutrition Division.

Thanks to Rick Maxwell, executive dean, and all the employees in the Physical Education, Athletic and Nutrition Division for their time and patience! Next month's issue will highlight the World Languages Division. If you know of anyone in your department adding value to the Brookhaven student experience, please email Mary Catherine Schoals in the Marketing and Public Information Office.