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Courtyard Chatter

Brookhaven College employee newsletter: Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Student Value Series: World Languages Division

Grant Sisk, dean of the World Languages Division and interim director of the Multicultural Center, has an international vision for Brookhaven College.  Read More »

Give Us Your Lunch Money!

This year, All-College Day will be a full day of professional development and lunch will be provided. But we still need your help to grow the Employee Emergency Fund!  Read More »

Mesquite Symphony Returns

It’s been five years since Rodger Bennett was the featured performer at the Mesquite Symphony Orchestra’s concert at Brookhaven College, but he returns to the stage this year.  Read More »

Committee Selects Open Book for 2013-2014

The text for the 2013-2014 Open Book Project has been chosen, and we know you can’t wait to get your paws on it!  Read More »

Reading: The App For Life

In this month's editorial, Rodger Bennett shares his reading rituals and what it means to him.  Read More »

Student Success Story: James Daniels, Graduate and Scholarship Winner

Read about how the Career Development Center helped James prepare for and ace his interview with SMU.  Read More »

Student Takes First in National Literary Competition

Paulina Lopez has walked away as a national winner in the 2012-2013 Literary Competition!  Read More »

TLC Relaunched as Employee Success Center

The Teaching and Learning Center is being redesigned to serve all employees as the Employee Success Center, or ESC.  Read More »

Quick Hits

Summer tends to be the quiet time for us on campus, but we still had a few events take place that are worth mentioning!  Read More »

Question of the Month

Some vacations make great summer memories ... unfortunately that is not always the case. Share your summer vacation horror stories with us!  Read More »

Book Recommendations

Which books did your coworkers recommend this month? Find out!  Read More »

September Events

Grab a pencil and your calendar. A full plate of events are coming your way this month!  Read More »

Minute by Minute

Read the most recently published meeting minutes, and be in the know.  Read More »