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Brookhaven College employee newsletter: Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Question of the Month

Question of the Month

Some vacations make great summer memories.....unfortunately that is not always the case! We hope that our limited number of responses means everyone had a great summer vacation (if you were able to get one in before the madness starts again for fall!).

It was the week of my 12th birthday, I believe. My then-BFF and I decided to do a one-week, overnight summer camp together. I started out having a blast riding horses twice a day, swimming in the lake, singing songs around the campfire and so on. After about three days, things went way downhill. I got two horrible ear infections, woke up with ants inside my tent & sleeping bag every morning and the counselors only took us to shower once the whole time (the nearest rest stop with showers was 10 miles away). Worst birthday/summer vacation ever! Guess I'm not the type who can "rough it."

Madeline Bottoni, web writer/editor, Marketing and Public Information


The Schoals Family Camping Tradition:
-Someone sets themselves on fire
-Someone gets lost in the woods
-Someone hurts themselves cutting firewood
-Someone burns breakfast (and everyone gets grumpy)
-Someone swims out too far in the lake/falls in while fishing
-Everyone gets bit by spiders and mosquitoes

Mary Schoals, department assistant, Marketing and Public Information