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Brookhaven College employee newsletter: Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Student Value Series: World Languages Division

Student Value Series: World Languages Division

Grant Sisk, dean of the World Languages Division and interim director of the Multicultural Center, has an international vision for Brookhaven College. Grant oversees a partnership with a college branch in China, where students learn English and then transfer to Brookhaven College to continue their degree plans. Currently, the branch is expanding, which will lead to having more international students attend Brookhaven in the future.

Sheri Van Court teaches English for Speakers of Other Languages, but that’s not the only point at which her work at Brookhaven College intersects with the international community. Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) is known for its academic excellence and involvement in the community, but its focus on diversity is often overlooked. Sheri, head of the Brookhaven College chapter for Phi Theta Kappa, ensures that recruitment for the honor society is an accurate reflection of student enrollment here on campus.

Aside from PTK, Sheri is also involved with the International Club and the International Movement for Peace among Peoples Club, where she constantly organizes events so members of all clubs can participate. Sheri’s goal, along with others in the World Languages Division, is for Brookhaven College to be the melting pot for all cultures and beliefs. These clubs celebrate and honor diversity through events like International Day and fieldtrips.

In the classroom, the World Languages Division utilizes their ESOL classes to pair students from differing nationalities together for projects and extended learning. Through these pairings, instructors like Sheri also combine native English speakers with international students and non-native speakers to ease language learning as well as cultural adaptation. Other instructors in the World Languages Division include Leslie Neal, Jamileh Stroman, Carol Cinclair, Chris Cyriaque, Brian McClung, Rebecca Garcia, Anthony Chaney, Hwa Bang, Hui Ju Jea, Eileen Nelson and Kevin Paris.

Grant Sisk and Sheri Van Court would like to thank all the instructors for their dedication to diversity and student excellence. Sheri and Grant would also like to highlight the efforts of Rosario Prado and Bev Garrison for their success in the study abroad program, as well as their availability to students and staff.

Thanks to Grant Sisk and all the employees in the World Languages Division for their time and patience! Next month’s issue will highlight the Health and Human Services Division. If you know of anyone in your department adding value to the Brookhaven student experience, please email Mary Catherine Schoals in the Marketing and Public Information Office.