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Brookhaven College employee newsletter: Wednesday, August 21, 2013

TLC Relaunched as Employee Success Center

TLC Relaunched as Employee Success Center

The Teaching and Learning Center is being redesigned to serve all employees as the Employee Success Center, or ESC.

The new ESC will broaden the scope of what the TLC once offered. In addition to coordinating training programs in Colleague, Outlook and eCampus, the ESC will have a place for employees to get away from their offices and relax. There will be an area for employees to use computers away from the office and a place to sit and have lunch or an informal meeting with co-workers and friends.

Previously as the TLC, the focus was to provide computers, printers and a work space for adjunct faculty members and ensure they had a space at the college to work and feel like a part of the campus. The office also reserved spaces and times for district training for all employees, as well as provided professional resources like books and periodicals.

TLC Relaunched as Employee Success Center

As before, all district employees will be welcomed at the new ESC. Joy sees this as an escape for employees to find some balance in their professional and personal lives and to nurture the growth of both. She has added things she would like to offer employees to reduce workplace stress and promote work-life harmony.

With a grand opening in September, the space will experience exciting transformations over the coming weeks. Stop by the center in Bldg. T, Room T209 and see what’s in store!