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Brookhaven College employee newsletter: Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Student Value Series: Health and Human Services Division

Student Value Series: Health and Human Services Division

The Health and Human Services Division has always been recognized for their student success in completion and employment rates; however, not everyone knows the amount of effort and planning that carries each individual student from start to finish. With all of its main offices residing in Building X, the division does its best to be almost self-sufficient. Each department either has their own advisor available to their prospective students, or they share one with other departments. The concept behind these efforts is to facilitate the journey from the application to graduation through personal attention. The faces at the frontline assisting the student journey here at Brookhaven College include Monica Wenthold, Nancy Summers, Ann Cortez, Leigh Ann Fields and Barbara Huntsberger.

The division is broken into four main departments: EMS and paramedicine, nursing, radiologic science and childhood development. Although each department distinguishes itself from the others in ways of practice, experience and management, as a whole, the division works as a team to ensure that students in their programs are prepared for career fields.

One example of this is the amenities available exclusively to the departments in Health and Human Services. The Scene Room, Ambulance Simulator, Vehicle Lab, labs equipped with everything from hospital beds to the latest technology and the “Stairwell to Nowhere” make Brookhaven College one of the few campuses in Texas to have a building specifically for these tech programs.

In the EMS department, instructors Joel Hawkins, Christopher Malvik, Alex Stadthagen, David Dunafan, Richard Campbell, Demoss Collins and Damen Johnson all have at least 10 years’ (many with 20 years) experience in their fields. Their backgrounds not only offer the most accurate instruction to students, but also the acquired connections in the community. In the classroom, the students benefit from top-quality equipment and supplies, and in the community they work with cities to run real-life scenarios such as car-wreck recovery and wilderness rescue.

Employees in the Radiologic Science Department, headed by Christi Carter, have more than 100 years in combined professional experience both in the field and teaching. In this department, the numbers speak for themselves. With a perfect passing rate, and an employment rate of eighty percent, student success is a high priority for “Rad Tech.”

All departments and programs are represented around the Dallas/Fort Worth Area in local hospitals, fire departments, day care facilities and clinics. These external activities are required of every student in the programs, and are called “clinicals, practicums, and co-ops” in the division curriculum. A few individuals in the respective departments oversee these connections between the students and the community–employees such as Duck Hawkins in EMS, Nancy Summers in nursing, Jane Rowe in child development and Christi Carter in radiologic science. Going above and beyond in their dedication to student success, these employees give personal attention to every outreach partnership in the surrounding community.

In both the Nursing and Radiologic Science departments, instructors have been known to invite guest speakers from both career fields and universities to address any questions their students may have. These guest speakers have not only encouraged students to continue on to a university and complete a bachelor degree, but also have offered assistance to those looking to enter the workforce sooner.

Johnny Castro, in child development, highlights the efforts of Ann Cortez, student support services development coordinator. The Health and Human Services Division as a whole began degree auditing student records not only to let students know where they stand in the certification program, but also to graduate them. Ann took on the responsibility of spear-heading this process and now manages both nursing and radiologic science as well. Johnny comments that through the division’s teamwork and expertise of individuals like Ann, Brookhaven College is able to help students reach their goals more efficiently.

Thanks to Juanita Flint, executive dean, and all the employees in the Health and Human Services Division for their time and patience! Next month’s issue will highlight the Students 50+ Department. If you know of anyone in your department adding value to the Brookhaven College student experience, please email Mary Catherine Schoals in the Marketing and Public Information Office.