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Brookhaven College employee newsletter: Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Two Classrooms in One

Two Classrooms in One

Starting in the fall 2013 semester, the Information Technology (IT) Department, along with the Business Studies Division, rolled out a new type of computer lab at the college. The IT Department converted Room M135 into a dual-boot classroom, which now houses iMacs. These iMacs have a dual-boot option, which allows students to boot up the computer into Windows 8 or into the Mac OS environment.

What does this mean? Now we can offer classes in Microsoft Office for Windows or Microsoft Office for Mac, Introduction to Windows or Introduction to Mac OS, Photoshop or Windows or Photoshop for Mac. Any of these classes that we offer on the Windows side can now be offered on the Mac side–all in one classroom.

The Business Office Systems and Support and Students 50 Plus programs generally have classes in this classroom. When the students first saw the new lab and started to use it, their first words were, “Wow!”

If an instructor is teaching a web-based class, then he or she can say to the students, “Bring up the operating system and bring up the browser of your choice.” The IT Department loaded the four most common browsers on the computers: Internet Explore, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. The biggest benefit of this two-in-one type of setup, is the instructor does not have to stop and help a student who usually uses a Mac with the basics of using Windows, and vice versa. The iMacs have the college standard software of deep-freeze, which causes the computer to fall back to the standard settings. In the 2013-2014 school year, the IT Department will be rolling out two more of these two-in-one computer labs.