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Brookhaven College employee newsletter: Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Reading: The App for Life

Reading: The App for Life

The Workforce and Continuing Education Division has taken a unique approach to the QEP and this year's Open Book. Read a little more below to see what they have been up to in WCE.

  1. How is your department participating in the Brookhaven College QEP?
    On our bulletin board, we put pages from the book "The Other Wes Moore" as well as the Start Smart QEP poster and then covered the board with interesting facts in a question and answer format. We also used pictures-all having something to do with the number 7.

  2. Who developed the idea for the Reading: The App game?
    Angel Boyer, Julie Stearman and Barbara Hughes

  3. Can you provide an example of how your game is played?
    The idea was to find a match, either question/answer or pictures that matched. The game was based on rules from Jeopardy and Memory and we called it the Lucky 7 Game.

  4. Who can play, and is it still available?
    Anyone who comes by can play, and it is still up at this time as I have left 2 sets for guests. I plan to take it down Monday.

  5. How did you develop the ideas you used for the game?
    We based the idea on the word seven which came from 'septem' which means 7 and was the 7th month (September) on the old Roman calendar. (We did the board in September.)

  6. How many people participated in the game? Did your department enjoy it as much as other things you have done in the past?
    About 20 people participated and many others asked about it. We enjoyed it very much. The people who visit our department are always very positive with our interactive boards.

  7. Did you have a prize?
    No ... when the matches were made the "winner" got to take them from the board to reveal a part of the book.

  8. How do you think people in your idea responded to the idea of a game based on reading?
    Very well. It sparked a lot of comments about the book.

  9. Do people in your department read much, outside of work-related information?
    Most of us do read a lot. The library is our friend.

  10. Would you do this project again and, if yes, what would you change about it, if anything?
    The memory game was a lot of fun, and I can easily see it being done in the future with different themes. Also, everyone loves to figure out what is hidden "underneath".

  11. What recommendation would you give to other departments that want to participate in the QEP, but in a non-instructional way?
    Find something that you enjoy now or enjoyed as a kid and incorporate the QEP ideas in it. Once you relax your mind, ideas will flow. The more that participate the better it is.

  12. What other ideas does your department have to support the QEP?
    We have not yet developed an idea, but anticipate doing something in November.