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Brookhaven College employee newsletter: Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Student Value Series: Students 50+ Program

Student Value Series: Students 50+ Program

Diversity is a core value here at Brookhaven College, and it is reflected in the students that enroll from all cultures, all walks of life, and all ages. One champion of this core value is DeBorah Whaley-Stephenson of the Students 50+ Program.

The Students 50+ Program is a department operating with just one full-time employee and a handful of part-time volunteers. DeBorah oversees the department and makes sure that even with a small staff, the students of the program still receive the full benefits of the office and personnel. Every student that enters the program gets assistance with the admission process, transfers and financial aid.

Two major advantages created for students within this department are the Retooling Institute and the Brookhaven Active Adult Student Club (BAAS). The Retooling Institute provides resources and workshops for students looking to reenter the workforce through education. DeBorah goes out into the local community and connects senior organizations with Brookhaven College to help students obtain employment with their specialized contacts. The Retooling Institute also holds career-focused workshops on campus, such as a recent one focused on rejuvenating workplace attitudes.

The BAAS club is a separate entity that caters to the social needs of a college student, but also the educational needs of those adjusting to a rapidly evolving metropolitan city such as Dallas. BAAS hosts guest speakers, takes fieldtrips around DFW, holds meetings and forms community partnerships. Through clubs like BAAS, Brookhaven College is able to promote sustainability, by joining efforts with the Brookhaven Green Team. Club members also participate in a variety of events through the academic year, such as Earth Day and Brookhaven College’s all-club general meetings.

DeBorah’s hands-on team includes Janice Groeneman, Julie Stearman, Kathleen Matsumura, Fay Nigo and Ellen Crawford. DeBorah would like to thank Janice for her help with schedule-building, Julie for her “holding of the fort” on Mondays and Wednesdays allowing DeBorah to connect out in the community, Kathleen for her network relations, Fay for her volunteered time and effort, and Ellen for her work as a student intern.

A huge thank you to DeBorah for her time and patience. Any questions or inquiries about the Students 50+ Program, the Retooling Institute, or the BAAS club, please contact DeBorah Whaley-Stephenson at Ext. 4807.