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Brookhaven College employee newsletter: Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Clean Economy Series Teaches Water Harvesting

Clean Economy Series Teaches Water Harvesting

Brookhaven College hosted the first event of the Clean Economy Series (CES) on Oct. 25 and 26, in the W-building. The CES is sponsored by all the colleges of DCCCD, as well as Urban Acres, Natural Awakenings, Dallas Water Utilities and Garden Inspirations. The series will extend into 2014, with the next two events in January and February.

The Clean Economy Series began in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where it is known as the “Clean Carbon Series”. Iginia Boccalandro is the creator and president of the series, and coordinated with the DCCCD Green Team to bring the guest speakers to Texas. The DCCCD Green Team describe the Clean Economy Series as a set of “hands-on workshops offering practical knowledge on how to live and conduct business in a more sustainable manner that supports people, the planet and the economy.” By pulling experts from different fields to lecture, attendees of the CES can be assured they are getting the most accurate information on a wide range of topics.

To kick off the series, Nate Downey, author and owner of Santa Fe Permaculture, discussed aspects of “The New American Landscape: Passive Water Harvesting,” and how applicable certain techniques weigh on an individual scale. Over the span of two days, Nate introduced the concepts of permaculture, gave the background history to the practice and predicted where it would head in future sustainable implementations. Over 70 guests attended the event, including staff and students from seven colleges, local businesses, home and landowners and city employees. Employees from Richland and El Centro colleges were also present, as well as Maria Boccalandro from Mountain View College, sister to Iginia.

Concluding the first CES event, Iginia praised the support and hospitality of Brookhaven College employees led by Carrie Schweitzer. Nate Downey enjoyed his stay here in Dallas, and his visits to several of the DCCCD campuses for consultations. Nate will return Feb. 21 to discuss “The New American Landscape: Cistern Systems.”

For any questions or concerns regarding upcoming events in the Clean Economy Series, contact Carrie Schweitzer in the President’s Office at Ext. 4848, or visit the DCCCD Green Team website.