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Brookhaven College employee newsletter: Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Introducing myPortal

Introducing myPortal

The Dallas County Community College District has recently welcomed a new web-based portal this fall available to students, staff and faculty. Called “myPortal,” the program is designed to provide individuals easy access to web services within the DCCCD. The program uses a single sign-on technique for DCCCD pages such as eConnect, Datatel and Outlook (eCampus will be available in the future) and can all be accessed from just one page. Whether a student needs to check their financial aid award status on eConnect or a staff member wants to read an email, myPortal is the most convenient way to go.

The first step in preparing for this transition began late summer when we received emails from District IT asking us to verify our eConnect usernames. The verification starts the implementation of the single sign-on feature available in myPortal. This means only having to remember one login and password ID! Individuals are strongly encouraged to complete this process as soon as possible, if they have not already. Click here for directions.

MyPortal also features a social networking component. Users with profiles can create a blog, share photos and wikis and even write notes to each other. The portal is particularly useful to employees for sharing documents between specific “teams” of coworkers and friends. General DCCCD information can also be accessed through the landing page regarding student services, academics, tuition and more.

Although the portal features an intuitive design, the District has created an additional webpage filled with FAQs, tutorial videos and further explanations about the project. Frequent in-person trainings are also being scheduled for individuals who enjoy a more hands-on approach to learning. Click here for available times, training materials and more.

So, take some time if you haven’t already to become acquainted with this new innovative program. Continue to browse and read through the weekly emails from District IT featuring new myPortal tips that can help you along the way. Or even set up your personal profile to connect with colleagues and create a team. Visit to sign on. Happy exploring!