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Brookhaven College employee newsletter: Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Book Recommendations

Book Recommendations

I recently finished two books - Wheelmen by Vanessa O'Connell and A Nantucket Christmas by Nancy Thayer. Wheelmen is the story of Lance Armstrong and the Tour de France doping allegations. If you are an athlete, or if you like cycling, you will enjoy this book. It provides an in-depth look at the world of competitive cycling and ethical behavior in athletics. This book also provided a lot of personal details about Armstrong, which provides the reader with a richer context in which to consider the motivations behind the actions of Armstrong and other cyclists that compete at his level. And in case you're wondering - harvesting your own blood for a later transfusion is considered doping during a cycling event - really!

I started and finished A Nantucket Christmas during the icepocalypse. It's a quick read about a husband, his new wife, his adult daughter, his ex-wife and a homeless dog as they prepare for Christmas at their Nantucket Island home. I love books with island settings because they remind me about my future vacation home. And, it's a book that centers around one of the best holidays of the year.

If you are interested in either of these books, you can check them out from our own Brookhaven Library - like I did!

Anna Masters, director of Quality Enhancement Plan


Land of Second Chances: The Impossible Rise of Rwanda's Cycling Team by Tim Lewis. I will start training for a century ride in the New Year, and wanted something inspirational to read.

Jennifer Hudson Allen, visiting scholar, Social Sciences Division


Confessions of an English Opium Eater by Thomas De Quincey
This book was written in 1823, and is a very eloquent self-actualization journey/self-help book. Thomas divides the book into sections, taking the reader through his childhood, his life decisions, and the pains and joys of his addiction. This book provokes deep emotion, and is not for the faint of heart.

Mary Schoals, Marketing and Creative Services