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Brookhaven College employee newsletter: Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Police Success Shared with Other Institutions

Police Success Shared with Other Institutions

Introduction by Meridith Danforth, Marketing and Creative Services Department

Training and practice are key components of knowing what to do in any emergency, so it should be no surprise that these are practices the College Police have put in the forefront. When John Klingensmith, police chief, received a thank you note from the Texas State Technical College Police, I wanted to know why. This is the (slightly shortened) reply I received from Lieutenant Gabe Galvez, college police.

While at Sam Houston University from June 3-6 for Command Staff Leadership training, everyone was encouraged to network with other police agencies. That is where I met Eduardo Patino a young Police Sergeant from Texas State Technical College.

He had good ideas and questions about how to conduct and handle training for his college. While speaking to Eddie, I saw a younger version of myself in that same position, as a Sergeant years ago. He has the ambitious drive and determination to tackle any task given to him to help his community and fellow officers. Knowing what Eddie was going through in trying to figure out how and where to start building a successful plan for his community in the event of an emergency, I offered my assistance.

It was my privilege to assist in giving ideas, insight and information to help their college (TSTC) in emergency and tactical operations. I was able to assist Sgt. Patino with emergency operations, drill procedures, threat and risk assessments, and training for his officers and college community.

We have kept in communication since attending training while at LEMIT. We were able to work through some questions and thoughts he had while working on drills. I truly enjoyed extending a helping hand by mentoring, sharing my experiences and the knowledge and expertise of what I have learned over the years to help.

I have been truly fortunate and grateful for the training opportunities Chief Reagan and Chief Klingensmith have sent me to over the years. This is my way of showing appreciation to them and the college in helping others by passing on the knowledge I’ve learned. I look forward to hearing from Sgt. Patino in the future about how his drill operations go in the future, and if we assist any way possible. I believe that we should strive to be the best at Brookhaven College and lead the way for others to follow.