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Brookhaven College employee newsletter: Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What's Happening With the Website?

What's Happening With the Website?

It's been almost a full year since conversations started in earnest about re-designing and updating the college's website with a content management system. It's almost hard to believe that the process is (almost) coming to an end.

The college has taken the next big step in preparing for the new website with our vendor transferring all current content into the new site server. The new site will make use of Microsoft Sharepoint, a system that features online publishing capabilities that will allow the Marketing and Creative Services Office to shoulder the majority of the work in operating and updating the college's website, but also will allow individuals throughout the college to do some of the same. With training, offices or divisions will be able to edit their own websites with final review and actual live publishing taking place in the MCS office.

Over the last few weeks everything on the current site has been transferred over to the new site space. If you have ever been curious, the website has more than 3,600 different pages, and all of it has been transferred. This number used to be even higher, but the MCS office has worked over the last year to reduce the site by almost 1,000 page by removing old pages and consolidating pages where information was repeated.

Now, over the coming weeks, the MCS office will be working to move the newly created pages into the right places, updating these pages into different templates and replacing old photos with the ones we have taken in the last few months.

We are still asking the college to limit non-essential changes, so we do not have to make changes to two separate sites. We very much appreciate the patience of those who have been letting us wait until the new site was available to get started on their site redesigns. We will be starting these soon.

The tentative plan is still to do a soft rollout of the new site in January or early February, though some technical problems delayed the process by a few weeks. As we get some pieces ready, we will offer previews, so employees will have a chance to see what is happening.

Look for more information after the holiday break about when we will be able to offer training opportunities for staff to learn how to make updates and web changes on the new content management system.