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Brookhaven College employee newsletter: Friday, February 21, 2014

Question of the Month

Question of the Month
February Question of the Month

"What day would make your Groundhog Day?"

Ah, Groundhog Day. An observance immortalized by the 1993 Bill Murray film, where as a weatherman, he finds himself reliving Groundhog Day over and over. This month, tell us what day you would choose to relive over and over, if you had the chance.

Any day that my mom was alive.

Vikki Ethington, Brookhaven College Police


I would relive my experience at Dallas Comic Con last year when I finished my 15 year quest of getting a Star Trek Next Generation poster signed by all the 7 main cast members. Lavar Burton was my last autograph and he got up from the autograph table and gave me a big hug! And it was all caught on my phone so I can relive it whenever I want!!

Susan Reinke, Geology Department


The day I would live over and over is the first time I met my sister in law after more than 2 years of marriage. She lives overseas, and walking out of the airport after a 16 1/2 hour flight, I will never forget that first hug we shared, and the sense of excitement, happiness, and relief.

She had not seen her brother (my husband) since 1994, and we met them in January 2014. My in-laws are not "those" in-laws most people dread. I truly feel blessed, like I've won the lottery.

Erum Shaikh, Social Science


At first this question seemed tough, as I come from a family that loved to celebrate highlights and made daily life pretty sweet. Ultimately, this is an easy response. The day is not a specific day; rather, it could be any day in the fourteen years with my husband. Whether it is the day we met in passing in 1999, the day a year later that I saw him again and realized with great certainty that I would marry him, three months later when he asked, a day spent running errands, a day of diving in Cayman, or a day of random nothingness, I would take any of them. They get better with the passing years.

Jennifer Hudson Allen, Social Science


A day that I could relive every day would be my perfect golf day - 75 degree weather, clear, sunny, blue skies, a slight breeze, a well-groomed golf course, birds chirping overhead but otherwise all else peaceful, a slight fragrance of freshly cut grass and blooming flowers, a lady bug hitching a ride on my golf cart, squirrels stealing my sandwich from my golf cart cubby... oops, I digress. I would love to relive all of this, up to the squirrel, if not every day, then every day that I play golf!

Anna Masters, director of Quality Enhancement Plans


If I could do it all over again (and take my wisdom and what I have learned in teaching mathematics), I would chose to relive my college days again. I had a great time but if I could take my wisdom with me I think I would be an awesome professor today!!!!!!

Sharon Jackson, Mathematics & Science Division


My grandfather was born on Groundhog Day in 1899. I would like to have him back so we could share his wonderful stories over and over again.

Rebecca Hertz, Marketing and Creative Services


I'd pick a day from my honeymoon in Seattle! Probably the day we did a five-hour wine tour and had a fantastic seafood dinner on the waterfront. It was four months ago, and I think about that trip every single day.

Madeline Bottoni, Marketing and Creative Services Department


Standing knee-deep in the surf of a Florida beach at first light, writing poetry in my journal. I did so on two consecutive days in the 90's and could start nearly every day that way.

Thom Chesney, College President


This is going to sound morbid, but I would want to live my last day on Earth over and over. Knowing that it is my last day of course. I feel this would make every action, every decision, a thrill.

Mary Schoals, Marketing and Creative Services