Brookhaven College

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Adjunct Faculty Handbook


Brookhaven College opened its doors in 1978 as one of the seven colleges of the Dallas County Community College District. Located on a 200-acre campus in the city of Farmers Branch, the college serves the northern portion of Dallas County, including Addison, Carrollton, Farmers Branch and North Dallas.

Brookhaven College offers a full range of freshman- and sophomore-level courses leading to the Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degrees. Associate in Applied Science degrees and certificates and Associate of Arts in Teaching degrees are also available.

Brookhaven College offers day, evening, weekend, flexible and online classes to provide a convenient time for most schedules. Students can attend Brookhaven College while attending another college or university; some even begin their course work while still in high school.

The Workforce and Continuing Education Division offers courses and programs for workforce training and lifelong learning.

  1. Professional Expectations

    1. Brookhaven College Mission Statement and Goals
    2. Role of the Instructor and Academic Freedom
    3. Employee Standards of Ethics
    4. Sexual Harassment
    5. Drug Free Workplace
    6. Non-Discrimination Policy
  2. Professional Development

    1. Adjunct Faculty Colloquium and Workshops
    2. Teaching & Learning Center
    3. Excellence in Teaching Award for Adjunct Faculty
    4. Longevity Awards
  3. Instructional Responsibilities

    1. General Expectations
    2. Classroom Responsibility
    3. Division Meetings
    4. Class Cancellations
    5. Class Length
    6. Room Conflicts
    7. Office Hours
    8. Syllabus
    9. Final Examination
    10. Grades
    11. Grade Roll Procedures
    12. Student Behavioral Problems
    13. Privacy Restrictions
    14. Core Curriculum
  4. College Procedures

    1. Classroom Procedures
      1. Attendance Procedures and Certification
      2. Class Action Notice
      3. Dropping and Adding a Course
      4. Field Trips
      5. Reserving a Campus Facility
      6. Equipment
      7. Emergencies
      8. Inclement Weather/Evacuation
      9. Parking Stickers
    2. Evaluation of Instruction
    3. Compensation
    4. Copyright
      1. Using Copyright Materials with Your Classes
      2. DCCCD Copyright Policy
    5. New Software
    6. Publication Procedures
  5. College Services

  6. Useful Terms