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Adjunct Faculty Handbook

A. Adjunct Faculty Colloquium and Workshops

Annually, on the Thursday before the first week of classes in August, Brookhaven College Professional Development hosts the Adjunct Faculty Colloquium. It is the premiere “kick-off” event for the beginning of the academic year. While this event targets its information for adjunct faculty, the colloquium is open to all faculty and staff. It brings together faculty from disciplines throughout the college for purposes of learning, sharing and networking.

In addition to the colloquium, workshops and training opportunities are offered throughout the year. Watch your campus GroupWise e-mail for announcements and online registration links. Similar information is also available on the Professional Development Web site. Printed monthly calendars are always available in the Teaching & Learning Center, Room T209.

B. Teaching & Learning Center, TLC

The Teaching & Learning Center, TLC, which is a resource for all faculty and staff members, is in Building T, Room T209. The TLC’s resources include fast computers, email and Internet access, multimedia workstations, technology training, video previews, scheduled webinars, and a lending library that includes professional books, video tapes, CDs and current periodicals such as the Chronicle of Higher Education, Community College Times, Diverse Issues in Higher Education and The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education. The TLC provides a quiet place to read, study, prepare materials, grade papers, think and relax.

C. Excellence in Teaching Award for Adjunct Faculty

Each year the college recognizes two of its outstanding adjunct faculty members who teach either credit or noncredit courses. The awards are: Excellence in Teaching Award for Adjunct Faculty (credit teaching) and the Instructor of the Year in Workforce and Continuing Education (noncredit). Selections are based on criteria such as student evaluations, innovative classroom activities, enthusiasm and evidence of professional development. Recipients are honored during annual recognition events.

D. Longevity Awards

Recognition of adjunct faculty members who have taught at Brookhaven College or in the Dallas County Community College District for extended periods of time is done annually.