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Adjunct Faculty Handbook

A. Classroom Procedures

1. Attendance Procedures and Certification

See the faculty handbook section III:A.1 Attendance Procedures and Certification.

2. Class Action Notice

See the faculty handbook section III:A.2 Class Action Notice.

3. Dropping and Adding a Course

See the faculty handbook section III:A.3 Dropping and Adding a Course.

4. Field Trips

See the faculty handbook section III:A.4 Field Trips.

5. Reserving a Campus Facility

See the faculty handbook section III:A.11 Reserving a Campus Facility.

6. Equipment

See the faculty handbook section III:A.12 Equipment.

7. Emergencies

See the faculty handbook section III:A.13 Emergencies.

8. Inclement Weather/Evacuation

See the faculty handbook section III:A.14 Inclement Weather/Evacuation.

9. Parking Stickers

See the faculty handbook section III:A.15 Parking Stickers.

B. Evaluation of Instruction

All adjunct faculty are evaluated at least annually. The evaluation process consists of three parts: a class visit appraisal, the student survey of instruction and the overall evaluation of performance. The class visit is established by the instructor and supervisor and includes a follow-up conference and completion of the faculty evaluation form. The student survey of instruction is conducted during a regularly scheduled class and is coordinated by the division office.

C. Compensation

Adjunct faculty are compensated monthly. Upon hire, adjunct faculty must submit a voided copy of a check as payment is made only through direct deposit to the recipient’s bank account.

D. Copyright

1. Using Copyright Materials With Your Classes

See the faculty handbook section III:B.2 Copyright Guidelines for Classroom Use.

2. DCCCD Copyright Policy

See the Faculty Handbook section III.B.3. DCCCD Copyright Policy.

E. New Software

See the faculty handbook section III:C New Software.

F. Publication Procedures

All college-related publications such as brochures, posters, fliers, etc. must be approved by the college's Marketing and Public Information Office before they may be posted/distributed at the college. Classroom and instructional material is not included. See the Faculty Handbook chapter 4, section C, for complete details.