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Cultural Studies: Getting to Know Your Global Neighbors

Brookhaven College School of the Arts provides cultural studies classes that lead to an Associate in Arts/Sciences degree or transfer to a senior institution. Electing the cultural studies course CUST 2370 satisfies one of the Core Curriculum requirements. Topics vary by semester. Check the credit classes schedule for coming opportunities.

Electing one of the arts appreciation classes – ARTS 1301, DANC 2303, HUMA 1315, MUSI 1306 or DRAM 1310 – satisfies one of the Associate in Arts and Sciences degree requirements.

Learn more about the Core Curriculum in the online student handbook or the Brookhaven College online catalog.

For more information about humanities instruction at Brookhaven College School of the Arts, contact Adrien Cuellar-McGuire, department chair, at 972-860-4738.

Consult the credit class schedule or eConnect for current class information.

Perspectives on Cultural Studies