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Welcome to the Humanities Department

The humanities is a broad interdisciplinary topic that covers the arts and letters with an emphasis on the art forms of architecture, art, dance, music, theatre, film and literature.

The basic Humanities course is HUMA 1315: Fine Arts Appreciation, offered at Brookhaven College through several delivery systems, including:

  • stand-alone classrooms;
  • as a telecourse, developed by the DCCCD and used by other institutions worldwide;
  • as a self-paced course utilizing the telecourse tapes with flexible time periods; and
  • as an online course.

A special topics course, HUMA 1302: Advanced Humanities, can be focused on individually specific or diverse subject areas.

HUMA 1311: Mexican-American Fine Arts Appreciation examines the rich legacy of Mexican-American and Chicano arts and culture.

Both HUMA 1315 and HUMA 1302 also are taught as honors courses. Look for courses with section number 2800.

For more information about humanities instruction at Brookhaven College School of the Arts, contact Adrien Cuellar-McGuire, department chair, at 972-860-4738.