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Faculty Profiles

To access a biographical profile and individual contact information, click a faculty member’s name in the lists following.

Full-time Faculty

Octavio Gutierrez – chair for the Music Department, director for keyboard studies, applied piano, piano class, keyboard ensemble, music literature, music appreciation
Roy Allen – director for instrumental studies, applied saxophone, chamber ensemble, lab band
Melody Gamblin-Bullock – director for choral studies, Choral Society, Windsong, music appreciation
Matson A. Topper – director for string studies, applied violin and viola, string ensemble, music theory, foundations of music, music appreciation/world music

Adjunct Faculty

Adjunct Faculty are available by phone through the Brookhaven College School of the Arts Office at 972-860-4730.

Bob Brooks – applied voice
Alex Cauthen – applied tuba
Chris Clarke – applied electric bass
Sue Cruse – applied voice
Sharon Deuby – applied clarinet
Kristin Elliott – music theory
Josh Hanlon – applied jazz piano
Lou Harlas – applied electric bass
Jason Hausback – applied trombone
Jim Higgins – applied cello
Freddie Jones – applied trumpet
Inga Kroll – applied violin, applied viola
Mark Lara – applied jazz saxophone
Thomas Lipsmeyer – applied voice
Leslie Massenburg – applied bassoon
Jennifer McElroy – applied flute
Paul Metzger – applied guitar
Nancy Nelson – applied cello
Rose Obenhaus – applied clarinet
Carlo Pezzimenti – applied guitar
Bonnie Riddle – handbell ensemble
Donna Schmidt – applied oboe
Travis Scott – applied tuba, euphonium
Jim Shannon – applied guitar, guitar class
Clinton Sims - applied tuba
James Sims – applied trumpet
Jeff Strong – applied bassoon
Gil Trythall – musicianship
Keith Umbach – applied percussion, lab band, digital music
Noel Wallace – applied trombone
Susan Wyatt – applied voice, voice class, music appreciation
Pam Youngblood – flute ensemble