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Business Office Systems and Support

Bldg. M, Room M128

Improve your computer and business skills.

“Having to look for employment for the first time in 34 years, this program helped me improve my computer and business skills in order to keep up with changing technology in the business community.”

Patricia T.
May 2005 graduate

Achieve your dreams!

“It once seemed an impossible dream to get my degree while working full time, but I have found that the online and self-paced classes make it possible for me to study in between my busy schedule. Each and every class in the degree plan has given me knowledge that I use every day in my job as a customer service manager.”

Connie F.
December 2004 graduate

Learn from caring professors.

“My Business Office Systems and Support teachers always seemed to be there when I needed that little pat on the back of encouragement. I will always remember and be very thankful that there are instructors that really care and take interest in their students.”

Eileen J.
May 2004 graduate

Succeed at a four-year university.

“At Brookhaven College I learned the value of time management, wisdom, a true sense of responsibility and good work ethics. I owe my success at a four-year university to the excellent professors who mentored me while attending Brookhaven.”

Hector S.
December 2001 graduate

Earn a competitive advantage.

“Brookhaven College‚Äôs Business Office Systems and Support Program provides hands-on training in real-world technologies for a real competitive advantage.”

Michael C.
May 2005 graduate