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Business Studies: Computer Information Technology

Building K, Room K103

Computer study It's a fact: Technology careers are one of the fastest-growing occupations in the country, in Texas and in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. With so much demand in the industry, companies need knowledgeable and competitive employees who deliver exceptional skills.

Whether you're an experienced computer professional, or a newcomer looking to break into the field, Brookhaven College will help you reach your goals. Our computer technology program offers several paths and opportunities for students to choose from.

What We Offer

Degrees and Certificates

The following is complete list of the degrees and certifications we offer at Brookhaven College. Follow the links below to find the right career path for you!

Degrees and Certificates Certificates Only

Note: If you're still unsure which area you'd like to pursue, let us suggest you start with our one-semester Technology Support Certificate. This includes introductory courses in Personal Computing, Networking, Programming and Web. This way, you can experience a little bit of each area. All the courses within the Technology Support Certificate already apply toward the AAS degrees and many other certificates, so no dollar is wasted!