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Business Studies: Computer Information Technology

Building K, Room K103
Computer Class

Enter the Information Technology field by learning how to install, troubleshoot, evaluate and correct problems for PC hardware and software at Brookhaven College. Graduates of the program will be qualified to provide hardware and software support for personal computer users in a corporate environment. This program is aligned with the A+ certification which is sponsored by Comp TIA, the Computer Technology Industry Association.

About Our Program

Our experienced faculty and staff members are here to help you be successful. We offer a two-year Associate of Applied Sciences degree as well as one-, two- and three-semester certificates and awards. You may start with a certificate or award program and later add on classes, gain credentials and build to the AAS degree if you wish.

Personal Computer Support Credentials
Degree Certificate Skills Achievement Awards
Personal Computer Support Help Desk/User Support Technician Personal Computer Technology and A+ Certification
  Personal Computer Specialist  
  Personal Computer User Certificate  
  Technology Support Certificate  

Check out the Careers in CIT page for more information about working with a PC support background.

What Will You Learn?

At Brookhaven, we are constantly updating the courses to keep up with the rapidly-evolving field of personal computer support. This ensures our students have the skills most in demand.

To get started in our PC Support program, contact:

Charles Cadenhead
Bldg. K, Room K109