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Business Studies: Economics
Building M, Room M110

Economics study

Economics courses at Brookhaven College offer stimulating opportunities for growth in reasoning abilities and business acumen. Principles studied in economics are fundamental to your professional growth whether your focus is global or narrowed to a specialty area. Economics seeks to inform and manage business decisions, such as production goals and distribution of goods, through the scientific understanding of people and the choices they make both as groups and as individuals.

Concepts taught are presented in logical steps. Through each step of the learning process the Economics instructors and staff are committed to help you build on your economics knowledge from success to success. And, our Economics Help Lab provides extra support beyond regular classroom hours.

High Level of Learning Support

Our economics students receive a high level of learning support. Courses are offered through diverse instruction methods, yet each is structured to provide every student access to the same quality of instructional attention.

As an example, students enrolling in ECON 2301, Principles of Economics I, also must enroll in the corresponding section of ECON 1303, Economics of Contemporary Social Issues. Matched sections are coordinated to support the material covered in both, similar to the way a science course has a lecture component and a lab component. The college credit hours for both courses is transferable as Core Curriculum study. An additional benefit for students in concurrently enrolled course sections is access to the Economics Help Lab.