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Workforce and Continuing Education

Student Services Center, Bldg. S, Room S022
Brookhaven College Workforce and Continuing Education offers a wide variety of online courses, some in partnership with other training providers and others through our own qualified instructors. Please review carefully which source for online instruction is available and best fits your need. Policies for registration, financial aid and course completion may vary.

Q: What is an online class like?
A: An online course is different from a campus classroom course. The course has an electronic classroom with a real instructor and students. The course is built around a syllabus, completion schedule, assignments and textbook, if required. You are evaluated by means of your completed assignments, quizzes and a final exam.

The greatest benefits of an online class are:

Q: How does an online class work?
A: With an online course, you can take the time necessary to complete a lesson - you don’t have to stop at a designated time. Your instructor is available via email to help you through the course. Your instructor acts as a facilitator to help you master the course goals; please do not hesitate to contact your instructor.

Q: How do I enroll in an online class?
A: Some online courses are offered directly from Brookhaven College, from our qualified instructors. Ed2Go online courses are offered through a partnership agreement with Brookhaven College. For Ed2Go courses, follow these instructions.

  1. Click on the Web link as indicated for the desired course;
  2. Click on the Enroll Now button;
  3. Complete the online orientation – all five steps.

Q: Can I pay online?
A: We do not offer online payment at this time. Contact the Workforce and Continuing Education Division at 972-860-4600 and ask for the program manager for online courses regarding payment information. Brookhaven College accepts American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, checks, financial aid or company sponsorship.

Q: Can I take more than one class at a time?
A: Yes, we often have students taking two or more online courses at the same time. Think carefully about the amount of time you will have to devote to your coursework and study when deciding how many courses to take.

Q: Can I enroll in classes that overlap, taking one each month?
A: Yes, you may register for a course each month. The courses are six weeks in length, and they are offered each month.

Q: How do the Ed2Go courses work?

Q: Are these courses scheduled so I can work at my own pace?
A: A course can have a schedule of completion or be self-paced, depending on the course and the instructor. Scheduled courses generally have two lessons released each week for six weeks, a total of 12 lessons.

Q: How can I successfully complete an online class?

  1. Be self-disciplined.
  2. Set a regular time to attend your class.
  3. Stay focused on your commitment and limit interruptions during study time.
  4. Take responsibility for your own learning.
  5. Begin your class on the official start date.
  6. Obtain the required textbooks and software, if necessary, before the course begins.
  7. Read and study the assigned material.
  8. Complete assignments.

Q: Required hardware / software?

Q: Is there financial aid available?

Q: Do I need a textbook?

Best wishes for a successful semester.