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Communications Division

Bldg. L, Room L367

Brookhaven College is proud of its Communications Lab, the J-Lab. It is a large, well-equipped computer lab with plenty of quiet space. If you visit the J-Lab, it might turn out to be your new home-away-from-home!

The lab offers word processing, Internet access and other computer-based programs for student use. It is also the home of College Learning Skills, a student learning support service.

The tools, technology and personal support you need for success are all in one place – in Building J, Room J122 on the west side of campus.

The hours of operations are as follows:

  Monday through Thursday 8 a.m.–8 p.m.
  Friday 8 a.m.–3 p.m.


Which computer programs are offered in the computer lab?
Students, instructors, administrators or professional support staff may have access to almost any valid computer program. Network applications, such as the following, are available in the open computer lab.
  Access Datatel (Colleague)
  eCampus E-mail
  Excel GroupWise
  Internet Netscape
  PowerPoint Word

Other items available are a copier, color printers, a scanner and a fax machine.

Who will help me in the computer lab?
Our lab assistants are always willing to help fellow classmates, students and employees in the computer lab. Our helpful and friendly lab staff is always available to assist with the following:
What is College Learning Skills?
The College Learning Skills, CLS, Program offers non-traditional courses with instruction in reading, writing and/or study skills. These courses provide one-on-one, 30-minute conferences with an instructor.

The one-credit-hour, self-paced, DREA and DWRI learning support courses prepare you to meet assessment requirements and improve your reading, writing and study skills for academic or career programs. Individualized study and practice are provided just for you.

What Skills Can I Work On?

How Can I Enroll?
You can enroll in the Advising Center, Student Services Center, Building S, Room S113 during early, regular and extended registration. Additional information about the CLS program can be provided by the J-Lab or Communications Division staff members.

When you register for CLS classes, you must make your first appointment in Building J, Room J122, or by calling 972-860-4782.

Courses We Offer

DREA 0100: College Learning Skills in Reading
This course helps students with vocabulary, subject matter, main idea, supporting details, implied main ideas, fact and opinion.

DWRI 0100: Developmental Writing
Students can improve their skills in crafting thesis statements, introductions, topic sentences, body paragraphs and conclusions.

DREA 0200: Learning Skills Improvement in Reading
Finding context clues, determining the topic, locating the main idea, identifying supporting details, formulating implied main ideas, and recognizing fact and opinion are all skills students can focus on with this course.

DWRI 0200: Developmental Writing
This course helps students create thesis statements, introductions, topic sentences, body paragraphs and conclusions.