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Communications Division

Bldg. L, Room L367

Please see your individual instructor for the syllabus for your particular course section. A course section may have a syllabus unique to that section.

Associate in Arts Field of Study Degrees

Journalism Courses and Sample Journalism Syllabi

Course Title &
Description Link

Course Name
COMM 1129 News Publications I
COMM 1130 News Publications II
COMM 1307 Introduction to Mass Communications
COMM 2129 News Publications III
COMM 2130 News Publications IV
COMM 2305 Editing and Layout
COMM 2311 News Gathering and Writing
COMM 2315 News Gathering and Writing II
COMM 2327 Principles of Advertising
COMM 2330 Introduction to Public Relations

Journalism Faculty

Daniel Rodrigue is the journalism, photography and student publications professor. He began teaching at Brookhaven College in 2010. Previously, Daniel was a contributing writer and photographer at the Dallas Observer.

His education includes: