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Faculty Handbook

A. General Services

1. Admissions/Registrar

The Admissions/Registrar’s Office, Room S052, is responsible for student records. Students access this office for all admission functions, address or name changes, residency questions, evaluation of credits from other colleges or universities, degree-audit, graduation information, dual-credit verification of enrollment, and Brookhaven College transcripts.

2. Advising Center

The Advising Center, Room S113, maintains a team of advisors to assist students with:

For quick questions, students may see an advisor on a “walk-in” basis.

2b. Counseling Center

The Counseling Center (a component of Student Support Services), Room S124, provides services and programs that help students maintain their emotional well-being in order to achieve their educational goals. Professional counselors can meet with students to discuss personal issues.

Students may also discuss academic issues including the following.

3. Books and Supplies

Two bookstores serve Brookhaven College. The on-campus bookstore is located in the Student Services Center, Bldg. S, Room S238 on the second floor. It is managed by an outside contract vendor. An independent, off-campus bookstore is located at 4051 LBJ Freeway. Textbook orders are given to both bookstores. It is a good practice for instructors to check on their book orders in one or both bookstores a week or two before classes begin. Personal items, other books and supplies also are available from the bookstores.

4. Brookhaven Courier

The Brookhaven Courier, Room T241, is the student newspaper and is published twice monthly during the fall and spring semesters. The Courier welcomes feedback and story ideas from readers and accepts commercial advertising. For information, contact the Courier student advisor at 972-860-4787 or email

5. Brookhaven Student Government Association

The BSGA serves as a voice for the Brookhaven College student body and as a liaison with the college administration. BSGA members take on special student projects, serve on many college decision-making committees and participate in district, state and national student government organizations. For more information, contact the Office of Student Life, Room S201, at 972-860-4115 or email

6. Career Development Center

The Career Development Center, Room S065, assists students and community members with making career decisions, learning lifelong job search skills and finding employment. Job opportunities can be found through on-campus recruiting or the job listing services. Also within the center are career advising services such as assessment tests, consultation with career advisors, help with writing resumes and cover letters, tips for interviews and access to a computerized career program. Computers and a fax machine are available for career search-related purposes. For information, call 972-860-4894 or email

7. Colleague

Colleague is the DCCCD’s electronic student information system developed by Datatel. Faculty members have access to certain parts of this system. Colleague training is required and classes are offered in the Teaching & Learning Center, Room T209, throughout the year.

Colleague contains all student records including demographic information, transcripts, grade reports and the current schedule. Colleague also contains all class schedules for the district; class rosters; business office functions from purchase orders to accounts receivable/payable to payroll; human resources information; and student evaluation of instruction reports.

Colleague is the system that provides instructors with important information about students.

8. Computer Use and Problems

In case of a campus computer problem, simply shut down the system and “restart.” Often this will resolve minor problems. If this does not work, email ‘BHC Computer’ from GroupWise with your name, the location of the computer and your telephone number. A technician will be assigned who will address your concern within 24 hours. Call 972-860-4692 in case of an urgent need or emergency.

9. Continuing Education, Workforce and Continuing Education Division

Lifelong learning and workforce development courses are available through the Workforce and Continuing Education Division. Noncredit courses are taught year-round on the main campus and at area high schools. Career programs, test preparation and personal enrichment courses are available. Workforce development and specialized technical training are offered on-site through contracting with businesses. A printed schedule is published several times a year and an online schedule is continuously updated. For information, call 972-860-4600 or send an email to

10. Disability Support Services

The Disability Support Services Office, a component of Student Support Services, Room S124, coordinates the provision of academic accommodations and support services for students with documented physical and/or learning disabilities.

11. eCampus

eCampus is a Web-based learning system and electronic community center for students and employees. Also known as Blackboard, it is customizable and allows hosting of information for on-campus classes as well as being the delivery system for the district's online courses. eCampus offers communication tools, assessment features and access to course documents. There are several faculty eCampus support groups as well as district eCampus training opportunities. eCampus offers customer service for faculty members at 972-669-6460. If you're interested in learning more about eCampus, contact your division dean.

12. eConnect

eConnect is an online connection to the Dallas County Community College District’s course-related services. Faculty members can access class rosters, certify classes and see their teaching schedule. eConnect also provides access to payroll information. Students also can access course information, including available seats and their grades, and provides access to updates about their financial aid information. Students may pay for their courses and set up a Tuition Installment Plan online through eConnect. Eligible continuing students also can register online.

13. Email

GroupWise electronic mail is the primary tool for professional messages communicated within the college, the Dallas County Community College District and the community. You are expected to maintain your account, check emails on a regular basis during the semester and delete messages that are no longer needed. Groupwise training is available on campus through professional development,, and at different locations throughout the district.

The process for getting a GroupWise account begins with the division dean and/or secretary. Once an account has been set-up, report any problems or name/division changes, etc. to ‘BHC Computer’. A written change request is required.

14. Financial Aid/Scholarships

The Financial Aid Office, Room S018, assists students in meeting their educational expenses by awarding grants, loans and scholarships and by coordinating federal work-study on-campus part-time employment. A district call center assists students with questions regarding financial aid and can be reached at 972-587-2599.

15. Health Center

The Health Center is located on the first floor of the Student Services Center, Room S072. Registered nurses provide health counseling and education as well as emergency and first aid care.

16. High School Programs

Before graduating from high school, students can earn college credit. Dual credit allows students to earn both high school credit and college credit for the same class. Tech prep allows students to "bank" college credit earned in their high school classes. For more information, students should call 972-860-4372 or email Brookhaven College also hosts the Early College High School, an educational option for high school students in the Carrollton-Farmers Branch Independent School District.

17. Honors

Brookhaven College honors courses provide a rigorous academic experience and stimulating interaction with faculty members and fellow students. The classes are smaller, emphasize reflective, analytical and interactive learning styles and include field trips, guest lectures and seminars. Honors courses, offered in certain disciplines, will be designated as such on student transcripts. Contact each academic division for information about the availability of honors courses.

18. Intercollegiate Athletics

Brookhaven College has competitive teams in the following intercollegiate sports: men’s basketball, men’s baseball, women’s soccer, and women’s volleyball. For further information, contact the Athletic Department, Room T316, or call 972-860-4121.

19. Lost and Found

Items lost or found should be reported to or turned in to the campus police department, Room B200. Found items will be held for a period of time, then disposed of.

20. Mailroom

The mailroom, Room T108, handles both internal campus and district mail as well as mail designated for the U.S. Postal Service. Individuals can put personal stamped correspondence in the mailroom baskets or in the campus mailbox outside Building T. Official college mail needs to have attached a pink postal charge slip that includes the sender’s name, division number, date and number of pieces. The mailroom does not sell stamps.

Any bulk mailing should be coordinated with the division dean and the Marketing and Public Information Office.

21. Math Lab

The Math Lab, Room K137, is a learning support center for students enrolled in a Brookhaven College mathematics course. The lab has solution manuals, videos, computer-based tutorials and tutors to assist the students with their math homework. Hours vary slightly each semester. Check by calling 972-860-4759.

22. Multicultural Center

The Multicultural Center, Room S136, advises all new and continuing international students and students for whom English is not their first language. The center is responsible for the processing and admission of students on a variety of visas including the F-1 Student Visa. Advisors are trained to determine the level of English proficiency of a student and recommend the appropriate program, which could be of any of the following: English for Speakers of Other Languages Credit, Intensive English Program, and ESOL noncredit through the Workforce and Continuing Education Division. Call 972-860-4192 or email

23. Planning, Research and Institutional Effectiveness, Office of

The purpose of the Brookhaven College Office of Planning, Research and Institutional Effectiveness is to support the college in its efforts to conduct ongoing, integrated and institution-wide research-based planning and evaluation processes. The following data and information services are provided:

To make a service request, send an e-mail research work order to or call 972-860-4607 to discuss your planning, research or evaluation needs.

24. Police Department

The Brookhaven College Police Department is charged with the personal safety of students, employees and visitors. Licensed and certified Texas peace officers and safety officers staff the Police Department. The department is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Foot, automobile and bicycle units perform patrol of the campus. The Brookhaven College police officers have full arrest and enforcement authority and possess all the powers, privileges and immunities accorded police officers in and by the state of Texas. The college police also provide additional services to the college community, including but not limited to the following: lost and found department; auto lockouts, battery jumps and escorts; emergency messages delivered to students (life-or-death medical emergencies only); crime prevention and awareness programs; and hazardous materials training. Help keep Brookhaven College safe: report suspicious persons, activity and/or criminal activity. Call your campus police by dialing 911 from any campus phone or 972-860-4290 from an off-campus phone, visit Room B200, or send an email to

25. Posting Information, Selling on Campus

The Office of Student Life, Room S201, approves all notices posted on college bulletin boards. Special bulletin boards are designated for roommate notices and off-campus and cultural activities. Notices will remain posted one month and may not exceed 8 1/2 x 11 inches. Additionally, Student Life maintains listings of roommate notices. The Office of Student Life also coordinates the distribution of information on campus. No sale of commercial merchandise or services is permitted on campus; however, commercial ads are accepted by the Brookhaven Courier, the student newspaper. For ad rates, call 972-860-4787 or email

26. Professional Development

Professional Development opportunities available to faculty, staff and administrators include classes, workshops, best practices sessions, discussion forums, skills training in Colleague, the Microsoft Suite of software, and distance learning applications using eCampus/Blackboard. Different offerings are available each month. The campus calendar of professional development events is distributed via email and posted on the Professional Development Web pages. Printed copies can be picked up in the Teaching & Learning Centers. A user-friendly online registration is available. For questions and additional information, email or call 972-860-4671.

27. Recreation and Exercise Facilities

Campus fitness facilities include: two-mile jogging trail, gymnasium containing six basketball goals, a fitness lab and tennis courts. Brookhaven College students and employees may use the facilities when they are not scheduled for use by classes or athletic teams. Locks, lockers and towels are available for use in the men’s and women’s dressing rooms. For information, please call 972-860-4120 or 972-860-4127.

28. School of the Arts

The Brookhaven College School of the Arts annually presents a showcase of nationally renowned and Brookhaven College visual artists, musicians, entertainers and new artistic talent. For ticket information, contact the Box Office at 972-860-4118 or email

29. Students 50+ Education Program

Senior adult courses are designed for students 50 years or older. They are scheduled on campus and taught by experienced faculty members. Personal assistance is given with admission and registration. Faculty members may be eligible for a waiver of tuition. Program offices are located in Rooms M203 and M211A. For more information or to receive a schedule of courses, call 972-860-4698 or 972-860-4807, or send an email to

30. Service-Learning Program

The Brookhaven College Service-Learning Program provides opportunities for students to participate in meaningful community service and connect it with course objectives. Opportunities include Brookhaven COUNTS, Brookhaven READS, International Conversation Partners, dialogues on social issues and various service projects. Contact the Office of Student Life at 972-860-4525 or 4703, visit Room S201, or email for more information.

31. Student Clubs and Organizations

Student clubs and organizations allow individuals to discover and improve special interests and skills and to assume leadership roles in the college community. Students interested in forming a club may pick up a Clubs and Organizations Handbook and club registration forms in the Office of Student Life, Room S201. For more information, call 972-860-4115.

32. Student Computer Lab/Communications Lab, Room J122

Computers for word processing, Internet access and other programs are available for use by any Brookhaven College student in the Student Computer Center, Room J122. Call for specific information at 972-860-4782. Note: Brookhaven College Student I.D. required.

33. Student Leadership Institute

The Brookhaven College Student Leadership Institute provides leadership training for currently enrolled Brookhaven College students. The program is designed to help students develop skills to enhance their personal development and augment their abilities to assume leadership roles on campus and in the community. For information, contact the Office of Student Life, Room S201 or call 972-860-4115.

34. Student Orientation

New Student Orientation is conducted throughout the year for new students beginning their college education at any semester and includes information regarding student services, academic support services, educational requirements, financial aid services and safety issues. Academic advisors are available year-round to assist with academic advising, schedule building, registration services and degree plans, and to refer students to the appropriate resources for academic assistance.

35. Student Life, Office of

The Office of Student Life, Room S201, is a unique, vital component of the learning experience at Brookhaven College. Through a wide variety of programs and special events both in and out of the classroom, and off-campus, Student Life invites students to participate fully in college life. Some of the services offered include: guest speakers, performances, Student Leadership Institute, service-learning, student ambassadors, membership on college committees, lockers, student I.D. cards, student clubs and organizations, publicity for campus events, copy and fax machines, a courtesy phone and bulletin board posting. For further information, call 972-860-4115 or email

36. Teaching and Learning Center, TLC

The Teaching and Learning Center, Room T209, is reserved for faculty and staff use. Fast computers, email and Internet access, a scanner, black/white printer, a place to certify class rolls, resources for previewing DVDs/videotapes, a courtesy telephone and a resource library are available. The TLC provides a quiet space to prepare for class, grade papers, catch-up on professional reading and exchange ideas with colleagues. For questions and additional information, email or call 972-860-4671.

37. Testing Center

The Testing Center, Room S080, provides a wide range of testing services to assist in instructional and counseling programs. A picture I.D. is required of all students in order to take a test. Students may not take electronic devices such as palm pilots or cell phones into the Testing Center. The last test is given one hour before closing.

38. Tutoring

Tutoring services are available to students who need assistance with course work. Brookhaven College Tutoring Services offers free drop-in tutoring for math, writing, sciences and a variety of other courses offered at Brookhaven College. Students also may seek assistance in the Math Lab, Room K137, and Communications Lab, Room J122. For more information call 972-860-4749, email, or come by Tutoring Services, Room L264, and talk with the coordinator of tutoring.

39. Voicemail

Faculty office telephones are equipped with voicemail that can be accessed within or from outside of the office. Directions for using voicemail are available from the information technology staff. For assistance, send an e-mail to BHC Phones through GroupWise, or in case of an immediate need or emergency, call 972-860-4822. Instructors are asked to record a standard greeting for the semester and another message for extended absences. Employees are also expected to respond to voicemail messages on a daily basis and delete those that are no longer necessary.

B. Learning Resources Center, LRC

The Learning Resources Center, comprised of library and media services and room scheduling, provides services to facilitate and improve student learning. The websites provide access to the LRC's collection of resources, online services, hours of operation and contact information.

1. Reference Services

The reference department provides one-on-one assistance to users either in person, by phone, through email (Ask a Librarian) or through the eCampus embedded librarian. Services include helping users navigate 100+ databases, select and evaluate information sources, suggesting resources for class assignments, and assisting with eCampus, pay-for-print, and other emerging technologies. The library's web page connects users with online resources, eBooks, the district library catalog, subject bibliographies called Quick Starts, online tutorials, tutorials for using NoodleBib and access to other library collections.

2. Circulation Services

The circulation department is located on the first floor of the library. Books are loaned for a three-week period with the opportunity to renew for another three-week period. Renewals can be made in person or online. The library has current textbooks on reserve. In addition to the reserve collection of textbooks, the library and Faculty Association have jointly developed the Textbook Semester Loan Program. Back issues of periodicals are available and these may be used on an overnight basis, if necessary.

3. Media Services

Media Services includes design and installation of classroom audio visual technologies, instruction on the use of these technologies, service and repair of classroom equipment, and delivery of additional equipment as requested. For information about the type of installed classroom technologies, visit the Media Services website. Media Services also purchases products to support your classroom needs such as DVDs and audio recordings. Production services include video productions of events, training materials, classroom presentations, or video to be posted to the web.

4. Room Scheduling

The LRC coordinates the placement of all lecture and lab classes on campus. This process occurs during the schedule build process each semester. The Room Coordinator also schedules events, requests for meeting space, and requests for rental of the facilities. For assistance with a room or an event, please contact the Room Coordinator at 972-860-4725.

C. Marketing and Public Information Office

The Marketing and Public Information Office is responsible for college-wide marketing and communications programs through its departments for advertising, media relations, public information, graphic design and Internet publishing. The office designs, develops, administers and evaluates programs that market, interpret and communicate the college's mission, goals and activities to internal and external audiences through the use of various media.

Electronic and print publications intended for publication to internal or external audiences are processed through the Marketing and Public Information Office according to Brookhaven College Publication Procedures Policy Number VII-K and the Dallas County Community College District's Graphics and Style Guide.

Publications are reviewed to ensure accuracy and consistency in describing the institution and its programs and services, compliance with the district and college's graphic standards and adherence to principles of good educational practices. Publications are defined as print, recorded or electronic works produced by or under the direction of Brookhaven College employees on behalf of the college to promote or support programs or services sponsored or offered by the college for distribution to students, employees or the public. This does not include instructional/classroom materials.

Services include media and community relations, electronic publishing, publication proofing, photography and preparation for in-house or commercially printed publications such as advertisements, brochures, fliers, banners, posters, etc. The office also produces certificates, Courtyard Chatter employee newsletter, credit and noncredit online course schedules, diplomas, name tags for employees, college Web pages and college employee intranet pages, programs for events, invitations, new employee orientation presentation, news releases, pamphlets, signs, staff and telephone directories, and the student handbook.

Give-away items such as pens, pencils, cups, etc. that are intended for recruitment and community relations purposes are available through the Marketing and Public Information Office or the Outreach Office. Permission to use the college logo is granted through the President’s Office, but the MPI Office handles the artwork and guidelines for its use.

To make a service request, please fill out the MPI Services Request Form, which is available in Room S241, or on the P Drive of college's network in the folder titled “Forms.” The Quick Call Roster includes guidelines for submitting services requests electronically on Page 9. A minimum of 15 working days is required for most requests, but those involving multiple steps and outside vendors may take additional time.