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Faculty Handbook


All-college meeting
Meetings are scheduled periodically during the year to inform college employees of new initiatives and keep everyone up-to-date on college events and issues.
An alternate assessment for the Texas Success Initiative to be used only by Special Services at Brookhaven College.


BCFA – Brookhaven College Faculty Association
The Brookhaven College Faculty Association is an independent membership organization open to full-time faculty. The association is part of the larger organization, the Dallas Community College Faculty Association, DCCFA. Its purpose is to provide dialogue and liaison between faculty and administration in terms of instructional issues, benefits, rights and responsibilities and grievances. It also promotes and ensures academic freedom.
Board Policy Manual
The Board Policy Manual of the Dallas County Community College District is the district's policies and procedures manual.
BSG – Brookhaven Student Governmentsee also Office of Student Life
Students are elected to officer positions each fall.


Certification Date
The certification date is the last day for the college to report student enrollment figures to the state for reimbursement. For regular fall and spring semesters, the certification date is the 12th class day of the semester, and for regular summer sessions, the certification date is the fourth class day. For the May and winter semesters and some online courses, the certification date varies depending on the start/end dates of the semester or course.
Colleague – see Chapter 4
For a list of Brookhaven College committees, visit the Committee page on the website.
Compass - ESOL
Compass is an assessment of English language skills for students whose primary language is not English.
Core Curriculum
Students can earn their college basics through the DCCCD Core Curriculum.
Benefits include:
  • Transfer guarantee: It is a state law that students who complete the DCCCD's Core Curriculum with at least a 2.0 grade point average are guaranteed that it will transfer to any Texas public college or university.
  • General education completion: Successful completion of the Core Curriculum satisfies the student's general education requirements and receiving institutions cannot require additional Core courses.
  • Money savings: Low tuition at DCCCD saves students money!
Courtyard Chatter employee newsletter
The Courtyard Chatter is published on the college's website and includes campus news, events and feature articles. Send your story ideas, text and photos to or stop by the Marketing and Public Information Office, Building S, Room S241.


Academic disciplines at Brookhaven College are administratively organized into instructional areas called divisions. For a listing of academic divisions visit
Dual Credit
A course taken for dual credit earns the student college credit while simultaneously satisfying high school graduation requirements. Some dual credit courses are offered on the high school campus during the regular schedule of the school day. Students also may choose to get a preview of college life by attending classes on the Brookhaven College campus.


eCampus – see Chapter 4
eConnect – see Chapter 4
e-mail – see GroupWise
Emerald Awards
The Brookhaven College Emerald Awards is the annual employee awards program. At the program employees are recognized for their length of service to the college and for professional excellence.
EMGI – Ellison Miles Geotechnology Institute
Located in Building H.
English for Speakers of Other Languages is available to credit and noncredit students. ESOL students see advisors in the Multicultural Center.
U.S. Department of Education funded program of services to first-generation college students or others that qualify under specific guidelines.
ExtPCAB – Extended President's Cabinet
This cabinet receives the president's report from the Chancellor's Cabinet and communicates information to the rest of the college. It serves as a sounding board for major college decisions and directions. This group also may discuss confidential matters.


FERPA –Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
Faculty Association – see BCFA


Novell GroupWise is the DCCCD's e-mail program.


Human Resources
Employment, benefits, compensation, retirement and other operational guidelines for Human Resources within Brookhaven College and the Dallas County Community College District are handled through this office.


IA–Instructional Associate/Assistant
An instructional associate or assistant is a professional support staff employee whose primary responsibility is supporting faculty with instructional needs. Typically, an IA works in an instructional lab.
IAP–Individual Action Plan/Profile
The IAP is part of the faculty evaluation process.
IE–Institutional Effectiveness
Institutional Effectiveness is the assessment of the college's performance in light of its mission. IE involves the formulation of goals or expected educational results, the implementation of the means to achieve those goals, evaluation of results and the use of those results to improve the college's performance. In essence, it is a cyclical evaluation process that has as its purpose the continual improvement of all areas of the college's educational enterprise.
The college Internet site,, is maintained by the Marketing and Public Information Office. Requests for updates and additions require your dean's approval.
The Employee Intranet is accessible to college employees by clicking on the Employees link at Viewing the content requires a Novell login and password. Requests for updates and additions require your dean's approval.
IR – Institutional Research
This office provides official data reporting and analysis to support the mission of the college.
IT–Information Technology
Information Technology is the campus department responsible for installation and maintenance of computer hardware, software and networks for faculty, staff and students throughout the campus.


The Communications/College Learning Skills Lab in Room J122, often referred to as the J-Lab, is an open computer lab that provides computer access for students who need to type papers, complete Internet research or access eCampus.


League for Innovation
The League for Innovation in the Community College is an international alliance of colleges of which the DCCCD is an important participant. Its purpose is to encourage innovation and experimentation in community colleges.
LRC–Learning Resources Center
The college's library, located in Building L.


Marketing and Public Information Office
This department is responsible for setting and protecting the public image of Brookhaven College. The department also provides services that benefit employees and students such as creating and maintaining the college's website, printing brochures, laminating and publicizing events. The MPI Office must review any printed material that is distributed on behalf of the college. The MPI Office also produces college course schedules and the employee newsletter, the Courtyard Chatter.


NISOD–National Institute of Staff and Organizational Development
NISOD is sponsored by the University of Texas at Austin for the support and recognition of excellence in teaching. Web
NTCCC–North Texas Community College Consortium
The North Texas Community College Consortium is a regional network of community colleges that collaboratively provides high quality, low cost and easily accessible professional development opportunities.


Operational Memoranda
Your dean has a copy of this manual, and it is also available on the college's Web site.
ORP–Optional Retirement Plan
The Optional Retirement Plan is an alternative plan to the Teacher Retirement System, TRS. Employees should look into both systems and choose carefully because the decision for this method of financial planning is made one time, at the beginning of the first full-time contract.


PCAB–President's Cabinet
This senior-level cabinet deliberates and makes decisions concerning programs, personnel, buildings and committees. It is also the arena where potential problems and confidential, sensitive matters are discussed.
PI–See Marketing and Public Information
Planning & Budget Committee
This team plans how the college will allocate its financial resources to advance Brookhaven College's mission. The team meets periodically to help determine funding priorities in preparation for the annual budget build, when additional funds are available or when reallocation is necessary due to loss of funds.
PSS–Professional Support Staff
This group of non-contract employees includes assistants, clerks, coordinators, maintenance workers, police and instructional associates/assistants. The PSS is the majority of the workforce at the college. These employees may belong to the Professional Support Staff Association, PSSA.
PTK–Phi Theta Kappa
A national honor society for students at two-year colleges.


SACS–Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools is the agency that accredits Brookhaven College. Website:
Strategic Planning Online (SPOL)
Strategic Planning Online (SPOL) is the college’s secure online document management system database. The SPOL database is used to generate progress and summary reports which demonstrate the college’s institutional effectiveness and continuous quality improvements at the division, department and workgroup level.
Student Life
The Office of Student Life offers extracurricular activities such as student government, student clubs and service learning.


TCCTA–Texas Community College Teachers Association
TCCTA is the community college organization for teachers and administrators in Texas. TCCTA membership can include, for an extra fee, insurance liability coverage. The annual convention brings together faculty members from all discipline areas for what is usually a high-quality conference.
THEA – Texas Higher Education Assessment
One of the tests approved by the state for TSI.
THECB – Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
TLC–Teaching & Learning Center
The TLC provides professional/staff development. The center offers classes, seminars and workshops for full-time faculty, adjunct faculty and staff.
TRS–Teacher Retirement System
The decision for financial planning/retirement is made one time, at the beginning of the first full-time contract. It is the alternative plan to the Optional Retirement Plan, ORP. Employees should look into both systems and choose carefully.
TSI – Texas Success Initiative
Program mandated by the state where students are tested in reading, writing and math, then placed in remediation according to their scores.


Visions of Excellence
Visions of Excellence, VOE, is an orientation program for new faculty members that offers 48 hours of learning activities. The program consists of a three-day retreat and seven workshops that occur throughout the academic year, most often on the fourth Friday of the month.
“Fourth Fridays” occur throughout the academic calendar, most often on the fourth Friday of the month. Workshops are conducted on a variety of topics. The Fourth Friday activities offer additional work with the LENs materials as well as workshops that draw on the various expertise of the district faculty. Newer DCCCD faculty members have the opportunity to become acquainted with outstanding faculty from across the district and to establish networks that allow them to draw on the expertise of colleagues. Fourth Fridays are hosted by a different college or location each session, familiarizing faculty with district colleges other than their own. The leadership of the host college welcomes the group and introduces them to the culture of the campus location.
Visiting scholars – see Chapter 2