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Child Development/Early Childhood

Health and Human Services
Building E, Room E143
Three hours of transferable credit
Required of all students with less than 12 hours of college credit*

Get more out of your education with this dynamic course!  Discover your strengths and weaknesses, set goals, practice critical academic and lifelong learning skills, and develop effective academic behaviors for college success.  You will acquire the tools to accomplish your goals academically, personally, and in your career.  The course includes a balance between theoretical underpinnings and the experiential application of learning strategies.  The focus of the course is on (a) research and theory in the psychology of learning, cognition, and motivation; (b) factors that impact learning; and (c) application of learning strategies.  Coordinating Board Academic Approval Number 4203015125

Please don’t confuse the Learning Framework course with a pep talk or a simple study skills course.  It’s not that.  This course is a combination owner’s manual and tool box for your education.  You get on-the-job training in being a more successful student beginning the first day of class.  You’ll gain valuable knowledge and skills through guided learning activities and practical exercises.  Then you roll up your sleeves and test the ideas yourself in other classes and life experiences.

Brookhaven College Child Development Department

The Learning Framework Course will help you:

What students are saying about this course:
To be honest I was kind of annoyed when this class began.  I felt like the class was pointless, and annoying.  Most of the time I thought to myself; “I could still be asleep right not.” All that changed when I realized I was learning things I didn’t know, and was definitely going to need in order to succeed in college.

It isn’t easy getting through school without persistence, dedication and a positive outlook on things.  This class has opened my eyes to … new information I never knew … when it came down to my everyday life decisions and actions I make.

I learned that being a college student has a lot of freedom but with that freedom comes responsibility.

As I am ending this class I realize that the biggest thing it brought to me was just realizing who I was inside, academically, and what I had to do to be successful.

Additional facts about this course: 

Prerequisite: One of the following must be met:

  1. completion of Developmental Reading 0093;
  2. completion of English as a Second Language (ESOL) 0044; or
  3. have met the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) standard in Reading.


*Students in technical career programs or who are over the age of 65 are waived from this requirement.

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