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Emergency Medical Services

Bldg. X, Room X1082

Bridge Program: RN, RT or PA to Paramedic

bridge program

Course Dates: Fall 2010

Course Times: TBA

Course Number: EMSP 2553, lecture; EMSP 2463, clinical, EMSP 2237.

Course Description: (12 credit-hours) The student will be introduced to patient assessment, air care, medical emergency and trauma care from a pre-hospital care perspective along with the skills to support these activities. Students also must test and earn DSHS EMT-Basic certification during this course and prior to beginning clinical. Students will attend eight to 10, 24-hour MICU rotations. Uniforms are required for clinical sessions.

Prerequisites: This course is for students holding an RN, RT or PA credential with a minimum of 24 months of critical-patient care in an emergency department or critical-care unit; current ACLS Certificate and an associate’s degree or higher in a related health care discipline are required. Must provide proof of immunizations and proof of medical insurance.

Tuition for 12 Credits: Tuition scales.

Liability Insurance: All students, once admitted, are required to purchase professional liability insurance unless provided by employer with a letter on file. Students cannot attend clinical without professional liability insurance that is valid throughout the course. The cost is to be announced in class.

End-of-Course Outcomes: Students will be eligible to take the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) and apply for Texas Department of State Health Services Paramedic Certification.

Contact Information

Professor David Dunafan, NREMT-P

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