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Emergency Medical Services

Bldg. X, Room X1082

Field Day

Emergency Medical Services programs give students cursory exposure in the areas of wilderness rescue, vertical rescue and tactical medicine, the Brookhaven College EMS students participate in a hands-on field day, in which they must work together to handle a rescue scenario.

In the scenario, student teams must locate a missing victim, use limited medical supplies to treat the victim’s injuries and finally, transport the victim to safety using a suspended cable to cross a 30-foot-deep gorge.

The rescue serves as a team-building activity, demonstrating the importance of clear communication, support and preparation that EMS personnel have to perform to be successful on emergency scenes.

Students must use a topographic map and “last-known-location” information to locate their victim in a heavily wooded area. Once found, the rescuers must treat the victim’s injuries with what limited supplies they carried.

Upon return, the teams must transport themselves and their victims across a gorge via a suspended cable.

To prepare for the rescue, students start the day with a knot-tying class and safety briefing on climbing equipment and techniques.

Students also participate in a tactical medicine session, delivered from the perspective of an urban police scene.

In this scenario, students are required to locate and move a victim to safety while under fire. To make it as realistic as possible, paintball guns are used throughout the scenario.

The students learn tactics to keep themselves safe while attempting to extricate the victim out of harms way.