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Emergency Medical Services

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Paramedic Certificate

Paramedic Training Course: Stretcher Operation

This certificate will prepare completers to function in an advanced life-support capacity emergency medical service position in the pre-hospital environment. The paramedic program prepares the completer to use invasive skills, such as establishment of peripheral intravenous lines including external jugular cannulation, endotracheal intubation, drug administration by various routes, intraosseous infusions, electrocardiogram (ECG) rhythm identification, 12 lead ECG interpretation, defibrillation and cardioversion, noninvasive cardiac pacing, and chest decompression. Skills lab time also includes a cadaver lab, vehicle extrication day, helicopter landing zone class and wilderness rescue day.

Classes are scheduled on a fire department shift-based format (A-, B-, or C-shifts) as well as one night group starting every January. These classes are designed to prepare individuals to provide advanced pre-hospital care to emergency patients. The paramedic courses include classroom instruction, hospital rotations with emphasis on emergency department experience, and emergency ambulance experience. The course work prepares the completer to take the National Registry Exam for Paramedic.

Minimum reading, writing and mathematics scores to begin paramedicine studies include a reading and writing score of “college level” and a mathematics score of 0097.

CPR Card Requirements

National Registry EMT-B or EMT-I or TDSHS EMT-B or EMT-I Requirements

Immunization Requirements

Social Security Card Requirements

College credit for EMT - Basic Certification can be given through credit- by-exam. Please contact the Health and Human Services Division for more information.

There are a number of program prerequisites that must be completed before you can begin the paramedic program. For course numbers and descriptions please see the catalog.

Emergency Medical Services — Paramedicine Associate in Applied Sciences

Degree Plan and Course Descriptions | Credit Course Schedule

Emergency Medical Services — Paramedicine Certificate

Degree Plan and Course Descriptions | Credit Course Schedule

  1. Description

    The paramedic certificate is an alternative route for those seeking an advanced-level EMS certification only. No degree or license is awarded through the Department of State Health Services, DSHS.
  2. Class Schedule

    The paramedic class is offered on a shift-based schedule three times per calendar year. Check the current Brookhaven College Course Schedule for offerings.
  3. Purpose

    The purpose of this program is to educate Emergency Medical Technicians – Paramedic seeking certification in the State of Texas and EMS career advancement.
  4. Program Duration

    Students can complete the paramedic certificate program in approximately 10 months which includes the hospital clinical and MICU internships.
  5. Request a Certificate Plan

    Students seeking a Brookhaven College certificate should request the certificate plan during enrollment from the Admissions Office.
  6. EMT-P Course Requirements

    Paramedic certificate candidates will take all of the EMSP courses listed and are bound by the same grade and completion requirements as all other EMS students.
  7. Application for Certificate

    All students in the paramedic course of studies may choose to apply for a certificate at the completion of the EMSP courses.
  8. Request a Certificate Plan

    Students seeking a Brookhaven College certificate should request the certificate plan during enrollment from the Admissions Office.
  9. Enrollment Requirements

    Students may not enroll in the paramedic course of studies prior to earning an EMT-B or EMT-I certificate from National Registry of EMTs or DSHS.
    CPR certification must remain current for the duration of the program.
    Students must obtain and then remain EMT-B or EMT-I certified in the State of Texas for the duration of the EMT-P program.
  10. MICU Internship Requirements

    Successful completion of the “Course Content Comprehensive Final Examination” is required before a student is assigned to MICU Internships.
  11. Requirement for DSHS Course Certificate

    Successful completion of the internship is required to receive an official DSHS Course Completion Certificate.
  12. Certificate of Completion Required for NREMT Testing

    The certificate of completion is required in order to be eligible to sit for the National Registry of EMT test. Successful completion of that test is required to gain eligibility for certification/license with the DSHS
  13. Additional Certification Requirements

    Additional “card courses” certifications are awarded only after successful completion of the Capstone Examination and internships.

Important Note to Students:

Completion of this program does not guarantee registration with the NREMT, or certification/license with DSHS.