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Emergency Medical Services

Bldg. X, Room X1082

For all EMSP Students:

Item Cost Range Notes
Liability Insurance $48-176 Instructor will inform you of the exact cost.
(based on when initially enrolled)
Criminal Background Check $40-50 Must be through Brookhaven College approved site. Clinical Coordinator will provide specifications.
Drug Screening $39-50 Must be through Brookhaven College approved site. Clinical Coordinator will provide specifications.
Uniform Shirt $21-30 Shirt order form will be provided during the Orientation Day. There is a minimum requirement of one official uniform shirt.
Pants - navy blue $20-60 Dickies-brand or similar pants are suitable. Wear to first class.
Black belt $10-15 No decorative black belts. Uniform-style only.
Footwear $20-200 Black or navy, closed toe (preferably work boots or safety shoes). Wear to first class.
EMT Kit by Coursey $84 Kits are available at Follett Bookstore.
The required items are stethoscope, shears, penlight & blood pressure cuff

For Paramedic Students

Item Cost Range Notes
Textbook Package $500 Textbook Package includes: Paramedic textbook, workbook, A & P textbook, A & P workbook, Basic Arrhythmia textbook and AMLS textbook
ALS Kit by Coursey $60 Kits are available at Follett Bookstore, Kit contains IV lab supplies
(in addition to EMT kit)
Paramedic Skills Lab Manual $8 Purchase from Follett Bookstore
PHTLS Textbook $45 EMSP 1355
Geriatric Education for E.M.S. Textbook $40 EMSP 2430
Pediatric Education for PreHospital Professionals $42 EMSP 2430
ACLS Provider Manual $35 EMSP 2444
Clinical Rotation Manuals $30 EMSP 2260, 2261, 2463
FISDAP Enrollment with 2260 - Skills Tracker $55 Online enrollment purchase
FISDAP Enrollment with 2463 - Testing $20 Online enrollment purchase
ACLS Card $5 Paid with EMSP 2444 registration
AMLS Card $15 Paid with EMSP 2434 registration
PHTLS Card $15 Paid with EMSP 1355 registration
PEPP/GEMS Cards No fee  
Wilderness Rescue, High Angle and Tactical Medic field trip $80-100 Field trip fee and expenses for supplies. Students responsible for their own transportation.
Advanced procedures (cadaver) lab $100 Parker College of Chiropractic Medicine. Students responsible for their own transportation.

Fees paid to outside agencies

Agency Cost Range Notes
Texas Dept. of State Health Services (DSHS) $60-126 State Certification Fee
National Registry of EMTs $20- 110 National Registry and Pearson Vue Testing Center Fee
NR Skills Testing Site Fee $160 -250 (paramedic only) Varies based on fee scale of the site where student takes the skills exam.
DSHS as applicable $45 Required background check for all New Texas EMS certificate/license.


Complete Brookhaven College/DCCCD guidelines are available in the Tuition section of the Brookhaven College Catalog.

  1. Students are responsible for knowing residency status and for registering under the proper residency status. Any student erroneously classified as a resident will be re-classified and required to pay all tuition due. Brookhaven College/DCCCD reserves the right to collect additional tuition from students if tuition or other costs are increased by the state legislature or the DCCCD Board of Trustees.
  2. Residency Classification for Tuition Purposes
    • Texas, in-state resident: An individual who has resided here for 12 months immediately preceding registration. For more detailed information on Texas in-state residency, refer to the information pages printed in the Brookhaven College Course Schedule, or contact the Admissions Office, 972-860-4883, e-mail:
    • County Resident: To qualify for county residence one must have established legal residence in the county prior to the first day of classes for the semester or session in which this status is sought.
  3. Refunds
    1. Refund checks are processed after the first day of classes.
    2. There are no cash refunds.
    3. For further information of refunds, contact the Business Office.
  4. Payment Due Dates
    • If you do not pay tuition and charges by the payment due date as shown on your registration summary, your registration will be voided and you will have to re-register.
    • Space may no longer be available for that semester.

Link to Tuition Scale