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BIOL 1322: Principles of Nutrition

Brookhaven College offers BIOL 1322: Principles of Nutrition as an introduction to human nutrition. In addition to learning how the body handles nutrients, students will analyze personal eating habits, develop a personal weight control plan, analyze food labels, distinguish between nutrition fact and myth, identify relationships between nutrition and disease and integrate nutrition information into daily life.

BIOL 1322 is taught in a traditional classroom setting and online (INET). Visit the course schedule or eConnect to see what courses are currently available. The course description may be found in the Brookhaven College Catalog. Course syllabi and more may be found in eCampus under Course Information.

Note: All BIOL 1322 sections have Internet components, therefore all BIOL 1322 students must have access to the Internet and must have an e-mail address.

The following required course materials are available at the college bookstore in the Student Services Center, Building S, and at their online bookstore.

  • Text: “Understanding Nutrition,” 1Cengage Learning. Whitney and Rolfes.
  • Software: “Diet Analysis Plus.” Cengage Learning.

Full-Time Faculty

Marie Y. Maness earned her doctorate in nutrition with an emphasis in exercise physiology at Texas Woman’s University and her Master of Education in human kinetics at Georgia State University.
Bldg. T, Room T314

Adjunct Faculty

Kathryn Fink Martinez, R.D., L.D., earned her master's degree in nutrition of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.
Bldg. T, Room T315

Carolyn Rogan, R.D., earned her master's degree from Texas Woman's University.
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