Government Department



The mission of our department is to prepare students for the common tasks of citizenship. Democracy requires an involved citizenry which in turn demands that citizens understand the fundamentals of their political system. For citizens of the United States this includes familiarity with the institutions and process of government at all levels. Our core courses, U.S. Government and Texas Government I and II will prepare you to be an involved citizen.

Take a broader view of the field with Introduction to Political Science,
Introduction to Comparative Politics or Mexican-American Politics.

Note: These are the acceptable courses for completing the state GOVT requirements for college students.

Acceptable per Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board/Academic Course Guide Manual
GOVT 2305 + 2306 (preferred)
GOVT 2301 + 2305
GOVT 2301 + 2306

Less desirable, but acceptable
GOVT 2302 + 2305 + 2107
GOVT 2302 + 2306 + 2107

Government Courses

  • GOVT 2304, Introduction to Political Science
  • GOVT 2305, Federal Government
  • GOVT 2306, Texas Government
  • GOVT 2311, Mexican-American Politics
  • GOVT 2371, Introduction to Comparative Politics

Career Opportunities in Political Science

  • Government agencies
  • Elected office
  • Lawyer or other legal work
  • Nonprofit organizations

Special Programs

Two special learning opportunities enhance the government and political science classes.

  • The Institute for Political Studies, IPS, hosts events that bring topic experts on campus to share their knowledge with our community.
  • Service Learning and Civic Engagement provides students a chance to gain practical experience through several community partners. Most notably, students are able to work in a political campaign and truly see Democracy in Action.


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